How to Juice: A Gardenuity Event with Brent Rodgers of Roots Juices

Get juiced for 2020. If you are in the DFW area, Thursday, January 16, 2020, we are hosting the juicing event of the year. Gardenuity has partnered with Brent Rodgers, the founder and creative genius behind Roots Juices, to create a night of juices, gardens, inspiring stories, and mocktails.

Expect a mocktail bar, freshly pressed roots juices, clean makeup and beauty samples by Follain, appetizers, and a Gardenuity garden that grows the ingredients for your future juices.

Throughout the night, we’ll hear Brent speak on his fascinating journey from finance guru to juicing advocate, as well the wellness benefits of juicing — and why it’s best to juice roots.

Brent brings an authentic, creative and tasty spin to the wellness movement of juicing.

Donna Letier, CEO of Gardenuity.

We’ve interviewed Brent and discovered his creative genius. Here’s a sample of the kinds of conversation we’ll be having on January 16th.

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Brent Rodgers

It sounds like you’ve had the most fascinating journey from finance to food. Tell me about this turning point in your life!

Burnt out from corporate America and tired of living in a boiler room environment, I impulsively bought a round-the-world ticket and ending up traveling to nearly 45 countries. I simply up and quit my career to adventure for a year.

When you were traveling the world, what struck you about your journeys?

In the Middle East, they juice carrots and celery on every street corner. On the streets of Brazil, they juice the fruit of the cashew tree. On the streets of India, they juice sugar cane. So while the burnout was the tipping point, this trip was the turning point to a new career.

When and how did the idea for Roots Juices take root?

I was on the subway in Tokyo traveling from Narita into the city — a very long journey as Narita is nearly an hour and half outside the city. I couldn’t read a word of Japanese, and I had no idea which stop to get off. I looked up, and a bumper sticker said “Roots.” I said under my breath, “That’s it!”

What is unique about juices from Roots Juices?

Roots Juice

THEY ARE ROOTS! The base of every juice grows underground. Vegetables that grow and live underground have a higher pH. The more you eat, the more you (safely) increase your own body’s pH state. When your body is in a high pH state, disease can not survive.

You mention that a goal of yours is to offer “farm-to-table freshness?” How do you source your fruits and vegetables to ensure maximum health and flavor for your customers?

We source primarily root vegetables. Uniquely, these are the vegetables least affected by climate change. Generally, produce has become much less available — especially healthy, clean produce. Because of this and the large amount of water required to grow them, the price of other vegetables and citrus have skyrocketed. Roots are how we get affordable, healthy, and clean vegetables to our customers in true farm-to-table fashion.

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