The Best Herbs To Grow For Women’s Health

We often say that health begins in the garden. This applies to many different kinds of health, including mental, cardiovascular, and immune. But for women, the time we spend in the garden can actually mean the difference between surviving and thriving, especially when looking at the herbs that we cultivate. 

Are you struggling to manage certain women’s health symptoms? Consider picking up these herbs next time you are at the nursery. 


Garlic has long been used in herbal medicine and can be used to treat a variety of ailments. This is especially true when tackling health problems specific to women. A recent study showed that garlic can be effective in fighting breast cancer. The high amounts of organic sulfides and polysulfides found in garlic can help shrink tumors and interfere with cancer cell metabolism. 


Nobody likes that time of the month. However, ginger can help make it bearable. When we experience cramping and stomach pain, our organs are irritated and contracting. Ginger is an antispasmodic, which helps calm and slow the intestinal tract. Recent research has shown that the spice can also help those suffering from endometriosis. 


Similarly to ginger, peppermint has antispasmodic properties that can help calm and decrease pain associated with cramps. Peppermint can also reduce bloating and help move gas through the intestinal system. Try chewing on peppermint leaves or brewing them into a hot tea for best results. 


Though it is lesser known than some other herbs, Rhodiola definitely deserves a place in a women’s health garden. Cultivated from high altitude areas of Europe and Asia, Rhodiola was used for many years to help increase physical stamina. Today, it is better known for its adaptogenic properties, which help reduce anxiety and stress. It can also increase mental clarity, stamina, and athletic performance.

Vitex (Chaste Tea Berry)

Vitex is the key to treating a wide swath of women’s health ailments. It has been used by generations of women looking to naturally reduce discomfort from PMS, alleviating everything from headaches to irritability to acne. Women going through menopause can see more balanced hormone levels, while those looking to get pregnant can experience increased fertility. Those who want the best results should use vitex for three months for best results, as herbs have a lower potency than more traditional pharmaceuticals.