Activities for Kids During Social Distancing: Gardening

In the past few weeks, the United States has essentially shut down due to Coronavirus. Currently, the CDC advises that people practice social distancing in light of the pandemic. As a result, most of the nation is currently working from home. You and your family’s favorite social activities are canceled —movie theaters, yoga studios, trampoline parks are all off-limits.

That being said, now is a time families can grow closer and turn inward to discover new joy. Staying busy, stimulated, and connected is extremely important — especially for young children. This time of social distancing is the perfect time to help your kids begin a new hobby that fulfills.

Gardening with kids is an activity that can fully engage your kids and offer them a way to stay stimulated, connected, mindful, and happy (as well as many many other benefits!). Gardening is also a great way to avoid becoming stir crazy.

Here’s why gardening is one of the best activities for kids during social distancing.

Follows Isolation Guidelines

First and foremost, gardening follows the guidelines the CDC and United States has offered to us. Involve only family and people within your ‘isolation cell,’ and there’s no need for fear. Gardening is an exciting activity that will keep you and your family healthy.

Keeps Connected

When you’re home all day, it can be really easy to sit in separate rooms on iPads or phones. Creating a shared hobby like gardening is the perfect way to encourage a sense of togetherness. By simply getting outdoors and doing something together, your children can feel less isolated.

Additionally, gardening keeps you connected to nature! If you have nature at your fingertips right now, then you’re one of the lucky ones. If you don’t, then a patio or rooftop garden is the perfect way to get a little green in your children’s lives without putting anyone at risk.

Encourages New Conversations

One of the exciting things about gardening is that the journey is different every single time. So, whether you’ve gardened with kids before or this is the first, you’re inviting something new into your children’s lives at a time when “new” (new friends, new activities, new places) is widely discouraged.

Newness means new conversations. Gardening is a way to uproot the routine topics and bring new discussions between you and your kids to life. Better yet, these conversations will often include discussions about science, the environment, health, and more.

Stimulates Physically and Mentally

We know that gardening is good for children’s health and development. Part of the reason it’s so good for young kids is because of physical and mental stimulation gardening offers — something that is missed during social distancing.

A garden is always changing. Each day, there’s a new physical development or a new problem to solve. You kids will enjoy the stimulation a garden offers: how the leaves feel, how the flowers look, and more. It will keep them excited about life during this odd time.

Invests in Longterm Wellbeing

Most of all, gardening invests in your children’s longterm wellbeing. Social distancing is temporary, but the effects gardening will have on your children’s wellness will last forever. From fostering higher self-worth, to reducing anxiety, to community bonding, the wellness benefits of gardening are real.

During this time of anxiety & uncertainty be sure to give gardening a try, it’s one of the best activities for kids during social distancing.

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