4 Fall Patio Gardens that Will Wow You

fall patio garden

Don’t let the crisp weather fool you — October is perfect for gardening. In fact, some of the fall patio gardens that grow best in October are positively jaw-dropping. Watching them grow and thrive on your porch or patio will leave you in awe and inspired.

Here are 4 fall patio gardens that will absolutely wow you.

Cocktail Garden

On crisp nights like October nights, one always needs a little liquid warmth. Having a fresh cocktail garden accessible to you on your patio makes drinking up after a chilly day even more satisfying. With herbs picked out especially for cocktails, you’ll add the perfect fall touch to your favorite drink and enjoy your fall patio more than ever.

Herb Garden

Drinks aren’t the only thing worth accessorizing. It’s time to toss the cold meals and get cooking…and once you’re cooking, you might as well get as much flavor from your efforts as possible. A fall patio garden full of fresh herbs is the perfect choice for all your culinary efforts (no matter how advanced they are). From a simple garnish to elaborate recipes, our herb garden is a fabulous treat.

Salad Garden

fall patio garden salad

There’s absolutely nothing like watching frilly buttercrunch leaves or tender spinach leaves come to fruition — especially when it happens on your own front porch. Salad gardens often thrive during frost season. In fact, the chilly weather can make them taste even sweeter, making them a perfect choice for your October patio.

Radish Garden

Simply put, growing radishes is just FUN. They’re fast sprouters and low maintenance growers, making them wonderful choices for kids. You’ll find unearthing them magical, and their crisp bite tastes delicious during the fall months. Roast ‘em and say hello to your new favorite fall flavor.

Whatever you’re growing, fall patio gardens is one of the highlights of October. Try out these four — we promise you’ll love them.