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Connection is more important than ever before. 

In the years since COVID, life has changed dramatically to an even more social and virtually focused world. This has left people feeling more alone than ever before, despite the technology in place that is meant to “connect”. 

Being together and being around people is a huge part of wellness and health. Including in the workplace. 

It can be challenging to connect with and relate to your coworkers, your work, and the overall mission of a company if you do not feel like a vital part of the company’s success. What better way to create community and bonding than a gardening experience?

Founder and CEO of Gardenuity, Donna Letier, shares that gardening for mental and physical health is rooted in research and science. “It has been proven that employees who are around gardens have elevated mood and reduced stress”, therefore “giving [employees] opportunities to nurture nature can deliver a double dose of appreciation and wellness.”

Give the gift of growing to your colleagues and customers and see the amazing effects it can have on employee retention, motivation, burnout, absenteeism creativity, and productivity. 

Why Choose a Gardenuity Workshop?

Gardenuity is more than a business-to-consumer business. In fact, we are quite the opposite! One of the major components of our business is partnering with other businesses that are investing in their biggest assets, their employees.

We do this by offering gardening workshops where a Gardenuity Grow Pro or Gardenuity leader leads you and your team through a gardening experience. Every participant engages in putting an outdoor or desktop garden together. This is an amazing moment to create a pause in the workday, a time to get to connect with others, talk about the effects of getting dirty and grounding, and cultivate mindfulness. 

The gardening workshops are a creative, smart, and timely option for bringing well-being, wellness, and happiness to everyone on your team. This is more than just a happy hour. It is showing your teammates that you value their wellness and their self-peace. 

Your teams or clients will be able to understand the thought and care behind gardening gifts. These are the gifts that keep on giving, as recipients will be able to appreciate and actually enjoy harvests from their garden as it grows. Gardenuity believes gifts should be a reflection of what the recipient means to you. The gift of life, longevity, and light will surely create a message of care and thoughtfulness. Furthermore, these are gifts that are as fun to give as they are to receive and will serve as another connecting point as you and your recipient can discuss gardening tips, harvests, and how they are growing. 

Take an active role in wellness in your company with Gardenuity. 

How do Gardenuity workshops work?

Our workshops can be a gift to clients or an appreciation and bonding session for your direct team or the larger company as a whole. 

Growing a culture of community and connecting with each other has never been more important, and Gardenuity’s gardening workshops are a way to make meaningful connections across your workforce and your customer base. 

Our gardening kits and workshops have kicked off wellness programs within organizations, brought employees together for team building, launched new products, and have been used as breakout sessions for conferences.

Our workshops take place in person or virtually. We provide tips, tricks, and plant gardens together to help people stay connected and engaged. Each participant receives a complete garden kit including a live plant collection, and access to the in person or virtual event. 

Give the gift of growing connecting. If you would like to schedule a Demo or talk to a Gardenuity employee engagement speciality email