Earth Day – Why It’s Important & How to Make Greener Choices

April is here, and with it, Earth Day is quickly approaching. This year, instead of restricting the celebrations to one day, we want to create a larger conversation that lasts all month. The goal of Earth Month is to share how you can easily make sustainable adjustments to your life in order to be more environmentally aware and responsible.

To kick off Earth Month, we are sharing some history about Earth Day celebrations, why Earth Day is important, and how you can start to make greener choices. Keep the conversation going, and keep reading to learn more.

The History of Earth Day

You might be surprised to learn that the first Earth Day was only celebrated about fifty years ago, in 1970! April 22nd, 1970 marked the beginning of a movement to wake up and be mindful of what is happening to our planet. The social aspect of the movement was fueled by the publication of “Silent Spring”, by Rachel Carson. Published in 1962, this book sold over 500,000 copies, and raised awareness around environmental issues around the world. 

In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson, of Wisconsin, created a staff of 85 individuals across the country who would mobilize to spread awareness around the environment. This turned into what we know now as Earth Day. On the very first Earth Day, about 20 million US citizens mobilized to make a stand against the harmful practices of industrialization. 

In the year 1990, Earth Day officially became a global movement. With over 141 countries participating, and 200 million people involved, Earth Day experienced an official level up.

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Why Celebrate Earth Day?

Celebrating Earth Day is more than simply devoting a couple posts on social media to the festivities, or riding your bike all day for one day of the year. Of course, these things are great ways to participate. This year, we want to challenge you to consider why Earth Day is such a significant event, and how you can take part in making a change. 

The Earth is suffering from prolonged exposure to massive amounts of pollution. If we do not, as a human race, make a significant change to how we live, our Earth will continue to diminish. Right now, the accumulation of greenhouse gases is resulting in high-temperature extremes, glaciers and sea ice are melting. The seas are also warming, rising, and becoming more acidic. The effects of this type of climate change will work until it is impossible for life to persist on Earth. The important thing to remember here is that we can stop this from happening!

What Can You do to Make a Change?

Similar to every other type of lifestyle change we promote, you can live an unbelievably greener lifestyle by making small and sustainable changes. As these changes add up over time, you will be able to significantly decrease your carbon footprint without even thinking about it. Start small; reduce the amount of meat you consume, carpool, ride your bike and take shorter showers. These are all easy, mindful measures that you can take in your daily life to be kinder to our Earth. 

Another wonderful way to make a difference is to start a conversation in your community. Create max visibility around what your community is doing that is not environmentally friendly, and start a committee that works towards changing these things. You can start a greener community by doing something as small as having a conversation, or something as big as starting a community garden. Be the one to plant the seed.

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Start Your Journey

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