3 Earth Day Activities for Kids | Gardenuity

When it comes to learning, little ones have a different approach. Kids are inquisitive, creative, and hands on when it comes to taking in new information. When you want to teach young people about something that is important, find a way to make the information extra exciting and memorable by teaching it through an activity, or a game.

This week, we are bringing you three Earth Day activities that you can easily play with your kids to celebrate Earth Day. Remember, you don’t have to be a certified teacher in order to make a positive impact on what your kiddos are learning at home. Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to have an Earth Day celebration that the whole family will remember. 

Why Celebrate Earth Day with your Kids?

Instilling strong values at a young age is so important when it comes to developing humans. When you take the time and care to teach your kids about something in a meaningful way, the information will stay with them. Showing an investment in what your children are learning is also a wonderful way to start an intimate sense of bonding.

Celebrating Earth Day with your little ones is how we keep the conversation going in a sustainable and long lasting way. When a kid grows up thinking about environmental solutions, and being aware of how to help our Earth, these values will gain more traction as the child continues to grow up, and adopt their own opinions of the world. Starting the conversation with your kids while they’re young is one of the best ways to contribute to a greener lifestyle in the long run

Earth Day Games

Everybody learns differently, and children are a prime example of this fact. Whether it involves watching a fun video, getting your hands dirty in the garden, or coloring a picture about the Earth, these activities have a little something for everyone – even the adults of the house! Take a look.

  1. Have Your Kids Plant Their Own Garden
    1. There is nothing like having your very own “I Grew That” moment in the garden. For kids, who have the ceaseless ability to be amazed, this is a hands-on and long-term activity that is fulfilling over time. This year, have your little ones plant their own gardens; you can teach them about what they’re planting, how to help it grow, how plants and wildlife react to their environment, and why it is beneficial to grow your own produce at home. 
  2. Ask Questions to Get the Conversation Going
    1. Children have so much to teach us, when given the opportunity. This Earth Day, hand the microphone over to your children, and see what they have to tell you about being more environmentally conscious. When you show your children that you value their thoughts and knowledge, it strengthens your connection, and helps you to keep an open mind. Take a peek at these conversation starters that were written up by Little Bins for Little Hands:
      1. What can you recycle?
      2. What can you do around the house to conserve energy?
      3. What do plants do for us and the Earth?
      4. Why shouldn’t we litter and what is littering?
      5. Why don’t we dump trash in the ocean?
      6. What can we make from old or recyclable items?
  3. Make your Own Compost at Home
    1. This activity is great because, not only is it fun for you kids, but it’s a great step towards a greener household overall. Start a family compost with your entire family this Earth Day! This is a fantastic way to teach your young ones about what happens when we throw things away, and they go to landfills. Making homemade compost is also a wonderful way for kids to learn about the importance of recycling, what organic matter is, and how different materials break down over time. Take a look at our complete guide to composting for a head start.

Class is in Session

Despite Earth Day only being one day a year, you can do activities like this with your children all year round. In fact, in order to make the most significant and lasting impact on how they view the world, it is best to be consistent with your environmental teachings. The more excited you are to share with them, the more excited they will be to listen to what you have to say. Remember, keeping the conversation going is one of the most important things you can do for the planet! Get to growing!