The Gardenuity Team: What’s on Your Desk & Why

The items that are on someone’s desk can say a lot about a person. They can be covered with stacks of paper, adorn family photos, be bountiful with greenery, or boast little to no clutter. The things we choose to surround ourselves with during the work day can support healthy habits and moments of mindfulness. 

At the forefront, Gardenuity is a wellness company. We believe in the power of nature to heal, inspire, and instigate creativity and productivity. We talked to the Gardenuity team to see what these wellness warriors keep at the top of mind and top of desk…


“My desk at all times contains a crazy amount of post it notes. I use them way more than I use a notebook to think through ideas, as well as write reminders. You can also find a succulent desktop garden on my desk at all times, engraved with the message “elevate and grow”. I love looking at this message because it reminds me to live life to the fullest and not take things too seriously.” 


“My desk always has a desktop garden resting on a few books.  My current books are Your Time To Thrive, The Habit of the Hustle, When Women Lead, and Success from Anywhere.  I also have a “Faith” paperweight, a jar of paperclips, a jar of post it notes, some number 2 pencils, a highlighter, and a bottle of water.”


“Baby bottles and notepads!”


“My desk is full of pens and custom Gardenuity note cards to handwrite notes to our customers. It’s great seeing how many orders are gifts of gratitude and celebrations of all kinds!”


“As I’m a work-from-home mom, I always have baby hands on my desk trying to get into everything I’m working on! When I’m away from my sweet baby, my desk is neatly organized with notepads for ideas, healthy snacks, a giant water bottle to stay hydrated, and of course…my luscious, green tropical desktop garden.”


“Aside from too many reminder post-its and my tropical desktop garden, I keep a set of juggling balls on my desk. It started off as a gag gift from a friend, but I enjoy pausing to take time and learn a new skill. Spending 5 min away from my computer screen practicing and learning new tricks has been a great way for me to reset. Don’t ask me to do any birthdays or events though!”


“Since I am part time, my desk tends to be the holding station for whatever is going on at the time! Ha! On the days I come in, I never know what I’m going to find on my desk. But, typically it contains a trusty legal pad for notes and to-do’s, a hand painted sign of a green plant from my daughter saying, “I’m rooting for you”, and of course my tropical desktop gardens that I love so much.”


“My desk is covered in samples of new products, new designs for custom boxes, and other product development items. I use old planters as my pencil holder and a concrete tropical garden for a bit of green on my desk.”


“My desk has 2 huge monitors and always includes my favorite pen, a sharpened Ticonderoga pencil, and a ruler to check dim weights of all of Lana’s new box designs. And it wouldn’t be complete without my Mini Desktop Tropical with my own spray bottle to keep it happy!”


“A tropical desktop garden of course! My desk is always crowded with pens, sticky-note reminders, and stacks of corporate gift notes. Honorable mention: an origami dragon and a company phone.”


“I live with roommates in California and do not own a desk because I like to keep my work and resting spaces separate. Therefore, I always end up working from the kitchen table, the comfy reading chair, or laying on the ground in my living room. Something that is awesome about working in the main room is the airy bright light that streams through our windows, the views of the palm trees, and the flowers adorning every corner. Who says the Tropical Desktop Garden has to live on a desktop? I spritz my tropics every morning and gaze up at their growth throughout my day.”

No matter what trinkets and tools you surround yourself with, we hope that you can find someplace for greenery and plants. Being able to spend a few moments nurturing your plants can be a grounding experience that allows you to experience peace, calm, and creativity. 

For more information about the power of greenery in office spaces, check out our blog “Back to School or Back to the Office: How Gardens Play a Role in Well-Being” on The Sage.