What and How to Grow in the Heat of Summer – Advice from Brie

Brie growing in summer heat

Ah, summer. The season of scorched plants, withered grass, sunburns, and limitless sweating. In Texas, we’re particularly feeling the heat this year, but thanks to our team of experts, our gardens are thriving.

The summer heat doesn’t have to prevent you from growing. If you grow the right things and are properly attentive, you can have a happy growing experience and delicious warm-weather harvests. We talked to our plant expert Brie Arthur to get the lowdown on what to grow in the hot weather and how to produce a successful summer garden.

What can I grow successfully in the summer?

Grow plants that thrive in the heat and humidity of summer — attempting to grow cool-season plants in July will only result in disappointment. Basil, peppers, eggplant, okra, and tomatoes are all vegetables that grow really well in the hot weather.

How can I tell if the sun/heat is killing my plants?

In the summer, soil dries out much faster and you’ll probably notice the plants wilting from the heat. If you see leaves turning yellow and drooping, that’s a sign that your plants are suffering from the heat and need rescuing.

How can I save plants on super hot days? Should I water more?

First, move your plants into the shade during the hottest part of the day! If it’s extremely hot, you might even consider moving it inside for a bit. This will help reduce heat stress immensely.

You will also need to water more often as the temperature rises, so be aware that some days you may need to water more than once. Keep an eye on the soil — your plant will give you signs!

Any other advice for growing in the summer?

Enjoy the harvests! Summer is a great season for growing vegetables and herbs and getting to use them in your kitchen. (Vegetables and fruits taste better than ever in the sun.) Be attentive to your garden, and it will provide you bounty all through the season!

If you have any questions about what to grow or how to grow it, reach out! Our Grow Pro team is happy to help at all times.