We’re in Good Hands – A Letter From CEO & Founder of Gardenuity, Donna Letier

Donna Letier And Family

Moms grow things – big things, little things, and through it all they rejoice in the growth of others.
After all, they are moms. Part of their job is to teach us how to solve problems, delight in the
mess, and to appreciate the imperfections that makeup life.

Great moms are just like gardeners; they create an environment that encourages us to grow. An
ecosystem full of goodness. They feed us, protect us, and nourish us every day from the day we
are born. They create a world where our talents and dreams can thrive.

Great moms invest their heart, time, and energy into growing great people. They cultivate each
stage of our lives with care. These moms pay attention to the details, and by sheer hard work,
constant research, and hours of their time, they foster our growth.

This past year has been a year of hurried patience, a time where the concept of multi-tasking,
for moms, took on a new meaning. As the world around us begins to settle into a new normal, it
is time, not only to thank the moms who have helped us through the year, but to thank the
people who provided us with the purpose of motherhood.

Thank you for teaching us patience. Thank you for reminding us that sometimes the simplest
moments are the ones that truly make a difference. Thank you for the gift of time; time when we were endlessly present for one another. Thank you for the gift of growth, and reminding us how
to recognize the growth all around us. Thank you for pushing us through, for pushing us to
bloom despite the uncertainty of each new day. Thank you for sharing excitement about our
accomplishments, and for the constant praise. Thank you for letting us relish in our “I grew that”

There isn’t a single corner of my life that isn’t filled with the lessons I have learned from my
children. They are, without question, the foundation of my existence. They have taught me to
believe that there is nothing I should be afraid to try. They never fail to remind me that they
would love me no matter what. They have fostered my growth as a mother, leader, and nurturer.
They have shown me that it is okay to weed out the bad stuff – that “pruning” can encourage
new growth. They have been my sunshine, and my rainfall, and the best teachers I could have
ever imagined.

So, this Mother’s Day, we celebrate the moms who seem to do it all. Let us not forget to also
celebrate the individuals who have made us moms; we are better because of you. You all have
given us the role of a lifetime – a role that puts us to the test every day. You made us gardeners
of good, of life and of love. Thank you for the constant sunshine, storms, confidence and
nurturing. You are helping us to grow into something amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms and to all of the children who made us the gardeners of