Wellness Practices For The Summer

Wellness Practices For The Summer

Summer is just around the corner–how will you keep up with your wellness? 

As the heat turns up, we can often find our routines come crashing down. The kids get out of school, the temperatures force us inside, and vacations take us away from home for, sometimes, weeks at a time. All of these can leave us prioritizing things outside of our own personal health and wellbeing, and, while not the end of the world, can often leave us feeling unsettled and off-balance. 

How can you make the most of summer while also staying happy and healthy? Here are some of our favorite ways to focus on wellness during the season. 

Make time to center yourself outside.

When our days are up in the air, we often find ourselves feeling lost and anxious. And even if you don’t have time to follow your usual routines, you certainly have time (and permission!) to carve out a little moment for yourself. 

Even just five minutes a day outside in the garden can help reduce anxiety, increase productivity and boost your mood. Pick a time early in the morning or late at night when the weather is cool and you’re not surrounded by people. Sit on the ground, physically feel nature around you and practice meditation. This grounding time might just make the rest of your day feel less hectic. 

Enjoy lots of seasonal produce.

Summer produce is honestly the best. From melons to tomatoes to berries, some of our favorite foods thrive during this time of the year–and it’s no chore to get our five daily servings of fruits and vegetables!

When we eat good, we feel good.  If you find yourself full of burgers and chips from the cookout, try resetting with a light fruit or leafy green salad for dinner. Sometimes making one healthy choice can help us get back to others.

Learn a new outdoor skill.

School may be out, but learning is absolutely in! Keep your mind sharp by trying to learn a new outdoor skill. Water aerobics, jump roping, grilling or gardening all get you moving outside while staying sharp. Invite the kids to join you to ensure that they’ll be ready to start the new school year come August. 

Bring back summer reading. 

It was the bane of your existence in high school. But you should totally give summer reading a second chance! 

Make a list of some of the books you’d like to get read, and set aside a few minutes per day to get through them. The feeling of accomplishment you get when finishing a book is really unparalleled, an instant mood booster. 

You can really make it a throwback by rewarding yourself after five, ten, or fifteen books read. You’ll knock out your booklist in no time!

If you need help getting started on your reading list, here are some of our current favorite titles: 

  • Your Time to Thrive by Marina Khidekel and Arianna Huffington
  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  • Fit by Bobby Flay
  • Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci
  • Life in the Garden by Penelope Lively

Try an indoor workout class.

Hot girl walks tend to go out the window when the temperatures get high. Be sure that you are still kicking up endorphins by trying a new indoor workout class. With tons of options for all fitness levels and interests, there’s bound to be something that brings you joy while also keeping you cool. 

Let yourself relax.

Summer Reading For Wellness

It’s called the dog days of summer for a reason. Amid the hustle and bustle, make sure that you are taking time to lie down, take a nap, and relax. You owe it to yourself to slow down and enjoy the long days of the season.