Our 5 Favorite Ways To Use Lavender

It’s lavender season! Everyone’s favorite herb, lavender’s recognizable color, scent, and freshness makes it a pleasure to encounter. And once you use it once, you’ll want to incorporate it into any and all aspects of your life. 

Make the most of your upcoming lavender harvest by eating, drinking, and basking in the many benefits of nature’s most beautiful herb.

Grow it in the garden. 

First things first: you’ll want to ensure that you have the freshest, most luscious lavender that you can find. There’s no better way to guarantee quality than to grow it in your own home garden. Our tea gardens make growing your own lavender quicker, easier and more fun than you ever thought possible. 

You can pick up your very own tea garden

Cook it into recipes. 

Lavender makes even simple dishes special. Whether you decide to go savory or sweet, there are many ways that you can enjoy lavender in the kitchen. 

From Brussels sprouts with herbs de Provence and grilled chicken to tea scones and strawberry pound cake, you’ll fall even more in love with lavender the longer you cook with it. 

Shake it into cocktails. 

We all love a gin and tonic, but do you know that it can be so much better? Add a lavender simple syrup to any and all of your favorite cocktails for a garden-inspired twist that’s sure to delight. 

If you want to get even more creative, there are several lavender-specific cocktails we love to shake up. This Lavender Hill Cob uses creme de violette for an additional floral kick, while this lavender mojito uses even more home-grown herbs from the garden–even more, freshness to love!

Sprinkle it over bathwater.

We all need a little bit more relaxation in our lives. Set aside some time for a warm bath to breathe deeply and recenter your busy mind. Lavender has been shown to soothe menstrual pain, reduce depression and anxiety, and relieve headaches in just a few deep breaths. 

Find yourself without a bathtub? Not to fear. Create a small bouquet of lavender, crush it gently in your hands, then tie it to your shower head for a steamy aromatherapy session in your own makeshift sauna. 

Wrap it into a sachet.

One of the great things about lavender is that its benefits can be enjoyed for years on end. Dry out some of your springs then wrap them in a muslin pouch for an easy homemade sachet. Stick it in your sock or intimates drawer for a wonderful treat upon opening that will be enjoyed in many future mornings.