5 Ways to Disconnect from your To-Do List

Routines can be an essential tool to add stability, well-being, and consistency to your life. There is even science behind the establishment of a daily routine in decreasing levels of stress and allowing more room in the brain for practicing gratitude. However, there is something to be said about spontaneity and partaking in something out of the ordinary. 

Mindfulness consultant, Alison Callan, has found that “when you have too much of a rigid routine, you can feel really constricted. You’re not open to new experiences that don’t align with your plan, even though [those new experiences] could be very enriching.”

At Gardenuity, we want to help you find ways to grow your mind, body, and spirit and open up new possibilities for your life.

Here are some tips to disconnect from a rigid routine or to-do list, and open up your mind to a little bit more:

  1. Just say yes. A great way to embrace a bit of spontaneity is simple: just say yes. We say no because of work, kids, errands, exercising, cooking – we may even say no subconsciously! Saying yes can open up doors and allow you to disconnect from the organized chaos of a strict routine. 
  1. Get outside. This is a given. Nature can offer a sense of calm and creativity that you cannot find anywhere else. There is research that has found that the carefree act of going outside and grounding yourself can do wonders for your levels of stress and anxiety. (For more information about grounding, check out our article on Gardens & Wellness)
  1. Try something new. Oftentimes, as humans, we have the tendency to avoid something that we have never done or something that may make us feel “silly”. We have a fear of what we will look like and what other people will think. Transforming the way you think of activities and choosing to do something because it is unique, fun, or interesting, rather than being concerned about succeeding the first time can be a freeing and enlightening experience. This will be a great aid in taking a step back from your list of to-dos. Life is short – make some memories!
  1. Go on a joy ride. Whether it be on a bike, in a car, on a skateboard, or roller blades, feeling the wind on your face and enjoying the scenery around you can be a great way to disconnect from all of the noise around you.  

  1. Take yourself on a date. Tell someone you love them, and make sure that someone is you. It is important for you to be able to enjoy your own company and be comfortable within your own skin and who you are. A great way to practice this act of self-love is taking yourself on a date – go to the movies, go to dinner, go to an art class, go check out a community garden – the world is your oyster!