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When it comes to our products here at Gardenuity, all we truly want is for those who wish to have a garden to have one – no matter where they live. We believe that gardening enriches your life physically, emotionally and mentally; why wouldn’t you want to add something so great to your daily routine?

All of this is to say that, when our efforts are recognized, it means the world to us. When we have the opportunity to reach a larger audience, and to share the love of gardening with even more people, we couldn’t be more grateful and excited. This week, we are so thrilled to have been featured in The Wall Street Journal’s recent article, These High-Tech Garden Tools Will do the Work for You, by Rachel Wolfe. Take a look.

About the Article

Rachel Wolfe tapped into one of the season’s hottest topics: gardening! She recognized that over the last year, more people have taken the time to get out into their gardens and get started with their journey in growing. 

Wolfe states, “‘If 2020 was the year that many grew dependent on their backyards as a safe outdoor refuge, then 2021 might be the year they figure out how to spend less time maintaining their go-to retreats.’”

It is true that gardening became an activity that symbolized more than just a hobby over this trying and tumultuous time. Gardening was a way to sort out your thoughts, to take a deep breath, to have a quiet moment alone – and to grow something bigger than just what’s happening in the world around us. Gardening represented a chance to disconnect from the stress, and recenter around gratitude. 

Gardenuity’s Impact

While we are always happy to see the masses gravitate to gardening, we also want to provide new gardeners with the opportunity to experience the joys of an “I Grew That Moment”. When you are first starting off in the garden, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or even to over-care for your growing plants. Our Grow Pro services are in place to avoid this experience, and gently guide new and veteran gardeners toward success.

“‘This quarterly box from container-gardening experts based in Dallas delivers healthy, rooted herbs and flowers, selected for your region and growing conditions,’” Wolfe writes, regarding us here at Gardenuity, “‘You’ll also get access to Gardenuity’s Grow Pro service, with on-call, expert advice and weather alerts.’”

Not only do we wish to see more people gardening, but we also want to share the benefits of nurturing a garden with the world. Gardening is just so good for you. By understanding that it’s about more than just the harvest, you are placing much-needed value on the experience of growth; you’ll soon learn that this is a theme that applies to much more in your life than just the garden. 

Read Up!

If you’re interested in learning more about Gardenuity’s claim to fame, take a look at Rachel Wolfe’s article for The Wallstreet Journal linked here. While you’re at it, take the article with you to kick back in your garden and enjoy some rest and relaxation – you deserve it.