Trend Report: The Cocktail Garden

Gardenuity cocktail garden

It’s no secret the green movement is on the rise. This season, step aside regular old herb garden. The hottest green accessory of fall is the cocktail garden. Full of fresh herbs specifically curated to create and garnish your favorite cocktails, the cocktail garden is the trend everyone wants a part of. Here’s why.


If you’re like us, sometimes going to the bar and ordering from a mixologist is a total hassle (especially on the weekdays). But getting real fresh ingredients in your drinks is never too much to ask for.

Trust us: when the herbs you’re adding to your drink are fresh, you can taste the difference. Throw freshly harvested mint in your mojito or cilantro to your vodka sipper. The cocktail garden brings elegance and complex flavors to the at-home bartender — because you deserve it.


Whether you’re using your cocktail garden herbs in your cocktail or in your favorite meat dish, they’re 100% fresh. No waiting around at a grocery store or in a truck. We’re talking flavor intensity like you haven’t had before.


No one wants to incorporate more stress into their life — especially not as work and school get into the fall craze. So, the real trend of the season is the stress-free cocktail garden.

Gardenuity’s container cocktail garden ships in two neat boxes that contain everything you need to get growing, including unique help from our Grow Pros and weather alerts to keep your cocktail garden out of the stormy weather. No stress, no hassle. Same delicious results.


Fall is prime patio party time — it’s not too hot, not too cold, and the view is stunning. When you have all those guests over, you want your porch to be looking chic and beautiful. Luckily, green décor is in vogue right now. So, let your garden double as decoration! The natural beauty is all you need to make your patio party-ready.

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