Gardenuity Giftable Garden | The Custom All-in-One Giftable Garden Kit

Gardenuity Container Garden Kit

Gift giving season is here! Which, let’s be frank, is equal parts exciting and totally dreadful. Finding the right gift for that special person (or anyone) is really hard. However, when do you find it, there’s nothing more fulfilling than giving.

Ideally, a good gift is meaningful, useful, personalized, and long-lasting, which — let’s face it — is a long and hard list to achieve. This year, give the Gardenuity Giftable Garden. It’s our all-in-one container garden kit that can be personalized to your loved ones’ taste.

Gardenuity Giftable Garden

The giftable garden contains a complete square foot garden and includes everything you need to grow successfully — from planting to harvest. It comes with soil, plant nutrients, fully-rooted seedlings, and Grow Pro support.

You order the kit and ship it to your loved one; they choose which plants they want and receive them at no additional cost.

The Giftable Garden is a perfect gift for any occasion — holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and new homes are all great excuses to give a garden. Besides being unique, personalized, and fun, we think gardens are the most meaningful gifts you can give. Here’s why.

A Meaningful Experience

Gardening Experience

We all love “stuff,” but experiences help shape our identity and create lifelong experiences. Doing things with the people you love is far more valuable than new objects. So rather than settling for jewelry, give your friends and family something that will create more meaning in their life.

Garden gifts are gifts of journeys. They build appreciation and awareness for the Earth, have scientific health and psychological benefits, and offer true happiness.

What more could you want?

Taste of Freshness

First and foremost, when we think of gardening, we think of those fresh eats. Not only is a garden a gift for the patio, it’s a gift to the kitchen (the center of the home). They’ll be able to use their garden to nourish their bodies in the healthiest way possible — straight from the garden.

Trust us, there’s nothing fresher than food harvested straight from your back porch and nothing more gratifying than being able to cook with it.

Touch of Beauty

Many people overlook just how much joy a touch of green can bring to a home. Your loved one can decorate their back porch with a vegetable garden kit or their living room with the Inbox of herbs. Any green adds texture and freshness to homes, plus a sense of organic and natural beauty.

Plus, having plants around are really helpful for your health, mind, and soul! Here are 3 ways houseplants make you happier and healthier.

Nurturing your Relationship

No matter how you spin it, time is the best gift a person can give. When you grow with loved ones, you’re not just nurturing a garden — you’re fostering better relationships. This year, give your loved one a container garden kit and offer to grow with them. The daily garden check-ins will give you chances to communicate, learn and grow together, and reap rewards alongside each other.

Whether you’re growing peppers or lettuce or tomatoes, gardening can provide meaningful experiences that feed a happier, healthier relationship with your person.

Keeps On Giving (long after harvest)

The great thing about growing? It only grows more memories — long after harvest. Whether that’s an intimate family gathering (eating fresh harvest), an exciting new hobby, or an increased sense of gratitude, the gifts of the garden are continuous.

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