Takeout Tips: Make Takeout Feel Homemade

Making a home-made candlelit dinner is amazing…in theory. If you’re too busy to cook at home, don’t fret. Use these 3 takeout tips to make carryout feel homemade.

Add Fresh Herbs

Before serving, harvest a few of your favorite fresh herbs and garnish away. Putting fresh accessories on the plate makes anything feel special — even cheap Chinese! For an extra added ambiance, place your herb plant, a herb bouquet, or your extra herb harvest on the table. Beautiful and tasty.

Psst! If you’re not a cook, check out these amazing ways to use your fresh herbs.

Set the Scene

Anything can feel like 5-star-dining if you set the scene right. Put your takeout amidst an elegant table setting and no one will know the difference. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Simply plate your takeout, set the table (no fancy tablecloth required), open a bottle of wine, and light a candle.

takeout tips: inbox of herbs aside carryout

Reheat in the Oven

The absolute best way to fool everyone into thinking their dinner is made from scratch is to reheat it. Ideally, throw it in the oven. The aroma will waft through your home and it’s harder to overcook your takeout in the oven, rather than the microwave.

We love takeout and we love the atmosphere and feeling of a homemade meal, so why not use these takeout tips to make your favorite restaurant’s food feel like it’s made from scratch? Be sure to get rid of the takeout bags and styrofoam containers prior to sitting down for dinner, et voila! A homemade dinner.