3 Fresh Herb Uses for the Non-Cook

Herb Salad

We do a lot of preaching about herbs being the perfect tool for the at-home chef. And they are — they liven up every recipe and they’re fun to experiment with. But, they’re also for the on-the-go-cook or the cook-who-doesn’t-cook-at-all. Here are 3 fresh herb uses for the non-cook.

Dress Up Your Meal Kit

With services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Sun Basket on the rise, non-chefs like me are saved. Here’s the thing though: meal kit delivery dishes can feel a little impersonal. The solution? Dress up your dish with fresh herbs from your garden! It lends a level of uniqueness to your meals so that they can’t be replicated—no matter how many people are ordering your same meal kit.

Hide Your Takeout

We’ve all done it. You’ve got a party and no time, so you order takeout, transfer platters, and try to pass it off as a homemade meal. Let us help you with the charade. Add fresh herbs!  Ordering pad thai? Throw chives on there. Regardless of whether the meal is meant for entertaining or for your own personal use, a few leaves of freshly-harvested herbs can be a delicious way to elevate your takeout (or order-in) meal.

Fresh Herb Box and Food

Drink Up in Style

Okay, so you’re not a chef. But no matter what, nothing tastes better than coming home from a stressful workday, kicking off your shoes, and leaning back with a tasty drink. One snip and you’ll take a regular drink to an upscale cocktail. Use your fresh herb garden and make your drinks in style. You deserve it!

Chef or no chef, herbs are the way to go. What is your favorite fresh herb uses?

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