How to Keep Your Indoor Herbs Alive

brie arthur with herb box

Indoor herb gardens bring beautiful fragrance and greenery right to your fingertips. Science tells us that indoor plants can help brighten your mood, clean up the air around you, and reduce the stress of the day but the best part of having indoor herbs? They taste delicious. They’re the perfect recipe addition — whether or not you know anything about cooking.

The key to enjoying your indoor herb gardens is to keep your indoor herbs alive. The good news: indoor herbs are relatively low maintenance plants. The bad news: it takes a little bit of knowledge to keep indoor herbs alive. …Which leads us right from bad to good news: our Grow Pro team knows it all.

Here are our top tips to keep your indoor herbs alive and thriving so you can enjoy the delights of your garden.


watering tips to keep your indoor herbs alive

Water most herbs only when the soil surface is dry. On average, indoor herbs only need to be watered once per week during the cooler months. Paying attention is key to keeping your indoor herbs alive. Some plants are simply thirstier than others. Be sure not to overwater!

Don’t let your plant sit in a saucer of water, and don’t shock plants with cold tap water. Water should be tepid — about room temperature.

If your herb leaves begin to wilt or turn yellow, scale back the water — you might be overwatering.


keep your herbs alive with sunlight

Herbs need as much sunlight as possible. Direct sunlight of four to five hours a day is optimum for growth.  If you don’t have much sun or any indoors, enjoy them primarily as décor and refresh your planter often.


Harvesting from a Herb Garden

Selective pinching. Indoor herbs tend to stretch for the light and could become leggy, so it is best to pinch your herbs at the growing tips which will help them to grow bushier.

Remember, indoor herbs are not a forever plant. They’ll provide great flavors and scents while they’re young but as time goes, they can and will outgrow their container. So replace your indoor herb plants often and enjoy the joy of having fresh herb plants around.

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