The Value of Traditions | Holiday Traditions

Family Holiday Traditions

Each holiday season, it becomes clear that every family has their own traditions. Some are unconscious, some are purposeful. Some are embraced by many families, while some are specific to 2 person groups. From laying out cookies for Santa Claus, to deep and meaningful conversations about the spirit of the holiday, there’s immense value in all traditions.

Here, we explain the value of traditions.

Traditions can offer a grounding point in an increasingly commercialized world. No matter the somberness, they remind us of the loved ones that came before us and the loved ones that will come after us. They center us on the true value of the holidays — gratitude, love, and giving.

Mother and Daughter Holiday Traditions

Here are 5 ways Holiday Traditions can offer value during the holidays.

Creates lasting memories with the people you truly love.

Having experiences with loved ones is one of the most valuable ways to build upon a relationship. Having traditions creates regular moments for you to spend time with someone, and time is the greatest gift you can give.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a deep and emotional moment with your tradition or simply giggling about your annual gingerbread house; the memories last and create deep bonds.

Holiday Traditions Create a sense of belonging in a community that can support you.

One of the things that traditions do is remind us of the people we have around us. Traditions require others — if it’s a solo task, it’s a ritual! When we participate in traditions, a community of people appears to participate with you.

Throughout the year, as people dissolve into their own busy lives, it’s easy to forget about the vast network of support we have. A tradition grounds us in a community that can support us.

Offers opportunity for meaningful reflection.

More often than not, traditions inherently ask us to look back on the past — simply because it’s something we’ve done before! No matter the traditions, we often have an opportunity to reflect with the ones we care about.

Holiday Traditions offer a chance to reconnect with people.

Traditions usually involve groups of people that are most important to you; otherwise, you wouldn’t bother creating a tradition with them.

The reality of our lives is that these people are not necessarily the people we spend the most time with. We might spend hours and hours a week with our coworkers but only connect with a dear friend twice a year. Traditions create at least an annual chance to reconnect with the people that are most important to us.

Often creates an opportunity for gratitude!

As above, reflection is an inherent part of traditions. And with the chance to reflect, we often find all of the beautiful things to be grateful for. If this doesn’t happen naturally, express your own gratitude and lead your loved ones there!

If you’re looking for a new, meaningful family traditions, check out the gratitude tree tradition! It’s a stunning and thoughtful way to access all of the values of traditions at any time of the year.

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