5 Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

Ways to reuse your christmas tree

There’s nothing more stunning than having a living tree for the Christmas holiday. It adds that special touch to the holiday season and fills your home with a crisp outdoorsy feel that just can’t be recreated with plastic.

Rather than throwing your live tree to the curb this year, try to reuse your beautiful Christmas tree — or at least recycle it — so your holiday cheer isn’t harming the earth.

Here are 5 ways to reuse your Christmas tree once the holiday is over.

1. Check for a city recycling event.

The perfect way to recycle your Christmas tree?

Literally, recycle it!

Recycled Christmas trees provide the mulch for playgrounds and habitats for local fish. Believe it or not, they can be very useful for your community.

Cities often host Christmas trees recycling events for this very purpose. Check your local city’s webpage and ask around about a Christmas tree recycling event. Maybe even suggest it to your city council!

In 2017, over 15 million trees were harvested for Christmas. So if you’re not feeling up for a craft, simply find a way to recycle it through a service.

2. Make potpourri.

Reuse Your Christmas tree making potpourri

That crisp beautiful smell you get wafting throughout your home during the holidays? Keep it around post-Christmas by making homemade potpourri.

Pluck the pine needles off the tree and add to a mix of flowers (stems cut off), cut citrus, and herbs of your choosing. Layout on parchment paper and spritz with 10-15 drops essential oil plus one tablespoon water.

Dry in oven on 200°F until brittle, but not burnt — about 2 hours. Spritz one more time and place in bowl or satchel to enjoy!

3. Craft rustic coasters.

Use your tree’s branches to create crafts of your choosing! Christmas trees are often prime trees with stunning wood that’s begging to be reused. Use the branches to create candle holders, sculptures, etc.

If you’re not a natural with wood (like us), you can easily make rustic coasters. Thinly slice the branches to the size of your choice and be sure to varnish. Let dry completely before use.

4. Create an all organic compost.

Wood ash can actually be an extraordinary amendment for gardens. It contains potassium and lime which will help your plants thrive It will also keep insects away.

Burn your tree and spread out in your garden or add to a compost mix and use regularly.

Remember: coal ash is NOT the same as wood ash!

5. Protect your garden beds.

Alternatively, you can use the branches to help protect your garden. Cut them off the trunk and lay around and in your garden beds. The boughs will help protect your plants as the weather changes — especially with winter freezes and spring thaws.

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