Take A Break In The New Year [2023]

Stress is Back…

We all know the feeling of an overwhelming day, filled with tasks that feel impossible and clients, bosses, or coworkers asking for more of this and that. Oftentimes in these situations, the best thing to do is take a step back and reset. The power of a reset to de-stress is a science-backed approach to countering cumulative stress. “Just 60 seconds of breathing, remembering what we’re grateful for, or getting up and stretching can interrupt the cycle of stress and move us away from our fight-or-flight response.” Arianna Huffington

If you work from home, this may seem a bit easier for you to do, as you can simply close your computer and walk away. If the office is your world, the idea of walking away from your desk may feel a bit more daunting. But leaders globally today recognize the importance of mental health and activities (like gardening) that work to relieve stress and anxiety are applauded. As a leader, if your team sees you take these breaks it gives them cultural permission to do the same, remember self-care is not selfish but good for business.

No matter your situation, there are steps you can take to ensure you are giving yourself the break that you most definitely deserve. 

Taking a Reset Moment

If you are the type of person to feel guilty if you need to stop working for a few minutes, don’t be! As humans, we physically cannot truly focus on something for more than 45 minutes without a break. That means we should be taking a 15-minute break for every hour that we work. 

For example, I spend my workday writing blog posts, email marketing, social media captions, and advertising for paid media. That is a lot of content and words that need to flow through my brain and onto paper. It is simply impossible for me to sit for hours on end staring at my computer screen putting out creative, informative, and well-written articles. I thrive on my breaks throughout the day. Breaks throughout the day allow me to get a fresh perspective, a new burst of energy, and a wave of creativity. 

This may be easier said than done for a lot of people. Even if you don’t want to admit it, chances that you may be a workaholic are high. And, you are not the one to blame for this addiction. The work culture of the United States encourages unhealthy working habits and prioritizing work over all other aspects of your life. 

Let’s rewrite the rules, shall we? 

Mid-Day Breaks

A break during your work or school day can help provide you with a fresh mind, clear thoughts, and an uplifted tick of motivation to get through all of your tasks with ease. Still, stumped on how you can create calm in the storm? Gardenuity is here to help. Here are our favorite ways to step away from all of the stress. 

  1. Tea with herbs: A warm cup of tea infused with fresh herbs is a great way to take the edge off of the day. In addition to giving your body some much-needed hydration and warmth, studies have shown that tea can “boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.” 
  1. Sun salutations: Incorporating yoga into your day gives both your mind and body a break. Sitting at your desk all day can contribute to “the risk of both anxiety and depression is higher in people that sit more.” When we incorporate movement into our days, our bodies create endorphins, pump blood through our cardiovascular systems, and release anxieties from the day. A quick sun salutation or any simple vinyasa flow can get your blood pumping and productivity moving. 
  1. Gratitude practice: Gratitude practices are a simple and quick way to ground yourself and put the world in perspective. We recommend sitting somewhere comfortable and quiet, taking deep breaths, and reflecting. 
  1. Sharing a meal: Over 80% of people have every meal of their day with a digital device on, so an easy and important step to give yourself a mental break is to take your lunch with a person, rather than a device. Eating a meal free from phones, television, work, or technology to focus on mindfully eating the food you have prepared, as well as enjoying the company surrounding you. Take this small micro step of self-care to remove yourself from the digital world and into connection. 
  1. Tend to your garden: Let nature nurture you with Gardenuity’s gardens. For an easy and mindful moment away from your work, try misting, dusting, or watering your desktop garden. Take this break to appreciate the color and growth in the world around you and inspire you to continue growing. 

Give yourself the mindful moments and breaks you deserve throughout your day!