The Stress-Free Gift Giving Guide | Gardenuity

This year, the stress of picking out the perfect gift, let alone acquiring it, is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. In reality, stress should not be characterizing how we feel about doing something kind for the people who we love – especially not during such a joyous season!

Despite the fact that the holidays will inevitably be celebrated differently this year, we can still look within to remember the season is about; love, gratitude, and growth.

This year, leave the stress behind and let us help you put together some thoughtful gifts for the people you care about. 

The Task of Gifting

When giving gifts transitions from being something you’re looking forward to, to something you’re dreading crossing off of your to-do list, you know something has got to change. It’s not healthy to harbor all of that stress, let alone when it’s in reference to committing an act of kindness. While it is important to choose gifts that are meaningful, remember that what you’re really looking to do is send a message of gratitude to those who you hold close to your heart. 

Gardenuity’s Stress-Free Guide to Gift Giving

Gift-giving guides are plentiful at this time of year, however, they rarely stray away from the, “Make a list, check it twice, GET. IT. DONE.” mentality.

As busy people, we understand that efficiency is key. That being said, don’t give in to the emptiness of giving a gift that simply represents an item being checked off of a list; you can do better, without feeling bad. 

When you’re giving gifts this year, follow these three, simple steps:

  1. Support a business or a brand that represents products and ideas that mean something to you.
  2. Support small, local businesses that can make your gifts personal.
  3. Give with love.

The last step is the most important one – challenge yourself to remember why it is that you actually want to give someone a gift. You’ll find that suddenly the idea of giving is so much simpler; so much easier!

When you have clear and heartfelt intentions, giving to someone becomes less of a complicated task, and more of an opportunity to share a special moment. 

Take a look at our specially curated list of thoughtful gifts to help you decide what experiences you want to share with your loved ones this year. 

Growing Together

This holiday season comes bearing a new set of challenges; if we can all remember to stick together, and find the value in all of this glorious change, we will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Take the time to share your love and gratitude for your family and friends this year by choosing to take the stress out of gift-giving, and redirecting that into something far bigger and better; growth.