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Fresh mint adds to the festive look, flavor, and feel of the holidays. It’s the marker is the holiday season; when Starbucks puts their Peppermint Mocha back on the menu, and when you have friends over for a little pre-holiday gathering (the perfect time to serve up the “Nice Holiday” cocktail creation from Fancy AF Cocktails by Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval). Mint truly reminds us that the holidays are right around the corner.

Just in time for the season, Gardenuity introduces its new Merry Mint Tabletop Garden, a garden that brings fresh mint to your holidays in style.

“This holiday season, people will be cooking and entertaining at home more than ever before. We are seeing the same trend in gift giving,” says Donna Letier, co-founder of Gardenuity. “The new Merry Mint Tabletop Garden is a great way to have lush fragrances and flavors around you all the time. It’s mobile, customized to any location, and it brings the fresh flavors of your favorite mints to your tabletop.” This sweet little Tabletop garden makes for the perfect centerpiece, and a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.

On top of being chock full of health benefits, mint is also the perfect addition to your newest craft cocktail, culinary creation, or an aromatic twist on your living decor. Take a look to learn about our Merry Mint Garden, as well as all of the wonderful ways you can put your mint harvest to work. 

The Merry Mint Garden

Merry Mint Garden Kit

The Merry Mint Garden is small enough to bring inside whenever you are cooking for gathering and hardy enough to grow an abundance of fresh mint. Perfect in cocktails, mocktails, pesto’s, sides, and salads, mint is one of our favorite herbal accessories to keep on hand.

This new container garden kit includes 4-6 fully rooted mint plants in various flavors. Some of our favorite mints include chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint, or mojito mint. Here at Gardenuity, we believe it is our job to ensure your growing success, no matter where you are at in your gardening journey. The Merry Mint Garden also includes plant nutrients, plant feedings, custom compost, a growing container, and virtual Grow Pro Support throughout the growing season.

If you’d like to bring one of these lovely new gardens home for the holidays, click here to take you directly to the product page. 

Health Benefits of Mint

Mint Herbs

Mint is a fantastic herb to keep around your home; not only does it have a wonderful, fresh fragrance, it also has an abundance of properties that will boost your health. The best part about having mint in your home is that you don’t even have to ingest it to benefit from it; even the scent of mint itself has a powerful effect on your wellbeing.

Take a look at this list of three major health benefits of keeping mint in your home:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory: Mint is known for its soothing effects on the body. It is often used as an aid in relieving asthmatic symptoms by relaxing your airways and alleviating congestion. You can take advantage of mint’s anti-inflammatory properties by using it topically, ingesting it as a supplement or in your food, or by inhaling its aroma. 
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Mint is brimming with healthy nutrients, namely Vitamin A, Iron and Manganese. Just ⅓ cup of mint can provide you with 12% of your suggested daily intake of Vitamin A! On top of being full of vitamins and nutrients, mint also contains a large amount of antioxidants, which are great for giving your immune system a boost.
  3. Can Cure Headaches: Headaches are a pesky ailment that are very difficult to kick, once they set in. The good news is that the strong aroma of mint could help ease headaches – balms with a mint base or basic mint oil, when rubbed on the forehead, temples and nose, are effective in alleviating headaches and nausea.

If you’d like to learn more about the science behind the benefits of mint, read up on this informative article by Healthline. 

Creative Ways to Use Mint

Mint is a versatile herb; on top of the major health benefits mint offers, it’s also a fun plant to keep in your home! You can use mint to woo your guests in your next fancy craft cocktail, or add it to your next dish for a touch of freshness. 

Below is a list of three ways you can get creative with your mint harvest this year:

  1. Make your Own Mint Lotions, Body Oils or Candles
  2. Add Mint to your Morning Smoothie or Yogurt
  3. Make Mint Ice Cubes to Liven up Your Water
  4. Add Mint to your flower centerpiece

If you’re looking for more mint inspiration, check out our Mint Infused Sugar Recipe, our Blood Orange Mint Gimlet Cocktail, and our Red Curry Noodle Bowl with Steak and Mint

Give the Gift of Growth

This year, don’t miss the opportunity to give a thoughtful gift that will keep giving back to its recipient. When you give someone a garden, you’re giving them months of fresh herbs and veggies, along with the invaluable “I Grew That!” moments that come along with nurturing a harvest to fruition. Give the gift of growth today with a gardening kit.

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