Springify Your Office | Get Your Office Set Up Ready For Spring

Spring has sprung–and it looks like we may have been as well. 

With over 74% of companies reporting that they are bringing employees back to the office, we have officially been “sprung” from the era of work-from-home. And while many employees are thrilled to see something besides the inside of their house, others are struggling with the idea of returning to commuting, non-stretchy pants, and the return of the water cooler banter. 

However, none of us are the same as we were two years ago. Your office experience doesn’t have to be either. In fact, maybe it shouldn’t be. 

We are all in favor of infusing new life into our second lives at the office, especially as spring continues to bring new life all around us. Here’s how you can make the most of the season of renewal–and the return to tedium–with the help of desk plants, gardening, and community building. 

Get some desk plants.

Desk plants are magical. Not only are they nice to look at, but they also provide health benefits that you would not expect. From reducing stress and increasing productivity to boosting creativity and cleaning the air around you (yes, actually!), these green companions will also be making a return to the office in full force. 

One of the other beauties of desk plants is their portability. They’re perfect for those of us who are working hybrid work-from-home schedules, maybe only spending two to three days per week in the office. Having the same plants on your home and office desks helps bring continuity to those anxious about working away from home again. If you choose to grow a plant that needs care daily, selecting a more portable plant or container can help you maintain a more regular watering schedule. 

You can pick out exciting and beautiful desktop gardens here

Begin each day with a simple moment of mindfulness.

Speaking of caring for your plant daily–we challenge you to take your desktop gardening one step further. Use the power of habit stacking to your advantage with a new routine that combines starting your workday, caring for your desk plant, and taking a moment for yourself all in one. 

We recommend starting with meditation upon arrival at your office. While standing, turn on your computer as you normally would.

Take fifteen seconds to breathe deeply, envision yourself happy, productive, and creatively inspired. Continue to repeat these mantras as you water your plants, thanking the new life you have cultivated with each pour or spray of water. Prune any dead leaves, fluff moss, or soil and breathe in the clean air around each plant.

Once you’re done, lift your arms up, stretch deeply and close your eyes. Thank your body for the life it supports and breathe in the energy that surrounds you. Open your eyes, take a seat, and get started with your day. You’ll be amazed at just how revitalized you will feel about starting a day at work. 

Spring clean your cubicle.

We can’t talk about spring without talking about spring cleaning! Having a clean and organized workspace is important for more than just productivity and aesthetics. A neat and tidy desk has been shown to reduce stress, promote concentration and even make you a little bit more joyful. And, at the end of the day, the work you do on your mental health will be the more important work you do. 

Take breaks to enjoy seasonal food outside.

One of the best parts about working from home was the ability to take meaningful breaks. It’s much easier to feel rested and revived after a couple of minutes of sipping tea on the couch than it is in a breakroom with Linda from marketing. However, the routine of breaks should not be broken just because there is no longer a comfortable place to take them. 

Try to take at least two fifteen-minute breaks per day (many states have laws about this) in addition to a lunch break, if provided. You can really make the most of spring during this time by sitting in a sunny place outside and snacking on fresh spring ingredients, such as asparagus, beets, peas, and artichokes. If you’re looking for recipes that your whole family can enjoy, check out our guide to spring cooking for kids.

Bring people together around the garden.

Our idea of community has changed over the past two years. We have recognized its importance, felt its support, and recognized our duty to keep it healthy and strong. We predict that these sentiments will only get stronger as we start seeing each other in person regularly once again. And there’s truly no better way to foster and build community than to do it in the garden. 

Gardenuity offers incredible opportunities to start gardens, spark conversations and create camaraderie in the workplace with our corporate partnership programs. If your office is looking at supporting employee wellbeing, looking out for the health of the plant or even just trying to find new and unique ways to explore team-building, Gardenuity can help