The Perfect Holiday Table with EC Table

Perfect Holiday Table

You know those gorgeous tables adorned with flowers, candles, place settings, and cards? The beautiful attention to detail, personalization, and artistry that exists in a holiday table is indescribable. Excitement about the season, the food you are about to eat, and the people you are surrounded by are some of the things you feel when sitting down at a stunning tablescape. 

But, how does one make such a dazzling setting to share food, laughs, memories, and love with your nearest and dearest? Luckily for you, we sat down with the experts to see what they had to say about a perfect holiday table. 

The EC Table is in the business of parties and was founded by Elise McDonald and Courtney Townsend.

The EC Table specializes in curated table collections for rent or purchase to make a magical event, without all of the hassle and stress. 

A little bit more about The EC Table…

How did The EC Table begin?

Elise and Courtney are long-term lovers of entertaining and party-planning. They started The EC Table a year ago due to the realization that there was simply nothing in the industry for entertainment and gathering. People were coming out of the pandemic with an increased desire to host, gather, and be together more.

However, the fact that hosting and setting up a beautiful scene is stressful and expensive was still very much a factor in people’s party-planning thoughts. Thus, The Ec Table was born.

The EC Table makes gathering easier, more sustainable, and fool-proof to create a beautiful event, no matter who or where you are.

What services does The EC Table offer?

The EC Table consists of two primary product lines based on what it is you are looking for for your party. They offer tablescape rentals, which consist of the linens, tableware, and decor needed for a dinner party. The tablescape rentals allow you to receive all of the necessary components for your table, as well as a guide with tips and inspiration for setting it up. 

On the other hand, The EC Table has the accessories business which is perfect for people who have the linens and plates that they need but are dreaming up some extra details to make their table all the more intricate. Items such as stir sticks, napkins, candles, and more are available for purchase to take a table setting to the next level. 

What is the inspiration for different table concepts?

Inspiration can be found anywhere. At the beginning of The EC Table, the designs were largely based around holiday parties, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or the Fourth of July. But, soon, Elise and Courtney began to think bigger.

Holiday Tablescape

What other events do people have?

There are birthdays, baby showers, and bridal brunches that also need celebrating so they design looks to match those milestones, as well. 

Elise and Courtney say that they find inspiration everywhere. Instagram, fashion, home design, colors, textures, density of space, and trending designs are all things that they look at to create a more dynamic and unique look. 

What are the top 3 important aspects for a tablescape?

The three most important factors for a tablescape are functionality, aesthetic, and vibe of the event. If your table is not functional, it makes it a pain to set-up and take down. If it is not aesthetic, it is not as beautifully crafted to be memorable. If it does not cater to the vibe of the event, then the entire point of the celebration is missed!

What is on The EC Table holiday table?

Candles and flowers are at the forefront of the holiday table. Courtney loves candles because she thinks it creates a more special and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests. Elise loves flowers, but something that people often overlook are small elements of the outdoors, such as succulents, herbs, or linens with some punch.  

Christmas Table

We had so much fun learning about decorations, design, and aesthetics from Courtney and Elise. Check out @the_ec_table on Instagram for all of your party planning needs!

Intentional Time at the Table

The holidays are a great time to start a new habit of making dinner an event. Free from phones, television, work, or technology, and focusing in on mindfully eating the food you have prepared, as well as enjoying the company surrounding you. Over 80% of people have every meal of their day with a digital device on, so we challenge you all to take a small micro step of self-care to eat with people, and get out of the digital world and into connection.

Additionally, did you know that fresh herbs from your Gardenuity garden can not only add some beautiful dimension to your bouquets or place settings, but also spread a wonderful, calming aroma to the world around you. Rosemary actually has the ability to help you focus and calm your energy, so that you can say sayonara to the stress and take in the celebration of the season. 

We would love to see your holiday tables!

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