The Passport Garden is Here and We are Celebrating with a Free Gift With Purchase!

What if we told you that we have a way to transport you all over the world without spending thousands of dollars and without ever leaving your porch? 

All you need is a grow bag, some seasonal flavors, and a little bit of creativity to allow yourself to experience all of the wonders of the world. Introducing the Passport Garden – the epitome of seasonal flavors: a bundle of rosemary, a bouquet of sage, a parcel of parsley. Let your culinary travels begin! 

One of the most beautiful parts of life is going to see people and places beyond your bubble and experiencing new people, cultures, religions, and foods. There is no better way to grow in gratitude, grow in resilience, and grow in self-awareness than traveling and learning about others. 

I have been very fortunate enough to have had the opportunities to travel a fair amount in my short life. At the ripe age of twenty-four, I have been to France, Costa Rica, Jamaica, London, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Uganda, Tanzania, and Bali to visit. Additionally, I have lived with host families in Rwanda, Hawaii, Jordan, Italy, and Palestine. I would say that is a pretty good line up. 

My experience living in these cultures has taught me so much about slowing down, deeply valuing relationships with your friends and family, taking a deep breath to not take life or yourself too seriously, and choosing to be kind and generous with your time and actions. Living in homestays of families also allowed me to learn alot about social justice, inequities, and inequalities between countries, people groups, and demographics. Knowledge, empathy, and understanding like this cannot be taught in school or learned online. Travel has made me rich in friends, knowledge, and gratitude. It has also made me rich in recipes. I am a firm believer that travel is one of the only things that you can spend money on that makes you richer, other than maybe gardening. 

Travel is a dream most of the human race share. We all want to go see, explore, and do. But sometimes that is not in the cards during a certain season of life. We understand and have been there – it is hard to find the time, money, and timing to take a world tour. In some cases, your next international venture might be quite a ways away. And that is okay! We hope and encourage you to go and see a new place with your own eyes. But, in the meantime, we are offering you the next best option: Your Passport Garden. Start crossing your dream destinations off of your list and stamping your passport by using your herbs to make authentic international cuisines. 

“The best meal in the world, the perfect meal, is very rarely the most sophisticated or expensive one. ” He reminds us that our best food memories often stand out thanks to context, not prestige.

Anthony Bourdain

Food is the universal language that everyone speaks. Recipes, ideas, herbs, and spices are passed down from generation to generation, country to country, and culture to culture. We can learn so much from smelling, tasting, feeling and that is our goal behind the Passport Garden. We want you to get creative, get your apron on, and cook up a cuisine you love or have been dying to try. 

So what is in the Passport Garden? We have two options – the Leafy Green Passport Garden and the Seasonal Herb Passport Garden. Both come with the signature reusable grow bag, custom compost and plant nutrients, fully rooted plant collection, and a season of Grow Pro- the team that will support you throughout your growing journey. Plus, in celebration of the Passport Garden introduction with every Passport Garden purchase through October 31, 2022 you will receive a FREE Gift With Purchase; a pair of Mincing Scissors.

Let’s go places and grow places!