The Hottest Outdoor Décor Trend of 2019

Spending time outside is the most exciting part of spring. Soaking up the sun, sipping sweet tea on the porch, outdoor dinner parties…the reasons to spend time outside is endless, so you need to make your outdoor space look good. Outdoor décor is important for setting the tone and mood of a space. The hottest outdoor décor trend of 2019? Container gardens.

outdoor decor trend caddies
Container Gardens are the new outdoor décor trend getting lots of attention this season.

The 2019 modern gardeners are showing off fresh harvests for all to see, moving their vegetable gardens from the back garden to center stage. Rather than just having a large veggie or herb garden in the back yard, homeowners, renters, and office managers are integrating strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, and leafy greens into their décor. From high rise porches, to front yards, to sitting areas in office complexes, container gardens are perfect for the modern (and stylish) 2019 gardener.

Areas that are not typically considered ideal for growing veggies are getting a lot of buzz right now. “We are seeing more and more people incorporate edible container gardens into their outdoor décor. It’s bringing a fresh conversation to the patio, office, and neighborhood”, said Donna Letier, CEO and co-founder of Gardenuity.

When you sit down on a patio to enjoy a good book, watch the sunset, or to visit with friends, it’s fun to reach over and harvest fresh herbs for your tea or grab a tomato right off the vine for a salad. Gone are the days when gardeners need vast amounts of space to enjoy the “I grew that” feeling.

“Growing green is trendy — and people are having fun growing and displaying their veggie gardens in ways we haven’t seen before.”

Donna Letier
container garden outdoor decor

Container gardening is the outdoor décor trend we couldn’t be more excited about, and they are here to stay. Coast-to-coast, they’re bringing local harvests close to home and excitement to patio spaces.

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