Container Garden Trends of 2019

It’s that time of year. The sun comes out, the snow clears…we’re all thinking it. How do we move our life outdoors (or at least part of our life)? This year’s hottest trend in patio décor is container gardens. So what container garden trends will we see this season? Here are our three favorites you’ll see coast-to-coast as spring emerges.  

Gardens on wheels

Trendy Container Garden

No matter what you’re growing, if your garden is on wheels, it can move around. That means your plants can always find the sun or shade depending on what it needs. Thus, more growing success! Besides, you get to revamp your patio décor anytime you want. Nothing is stuck in or to the ground. Gardens on the go mean your garden can be part of your party — wherever your party is.

Conversation gardens

Container Garden Growing

One of the most fun container garden trends of the year is conversation gardens. Add fun sayings or meaningful quotes to your gardens and bring dialogue to your patio décor. It’s like hanging a painting or phrase on your wall, but better. Paint it on your pots or glue notes to skewers and stick them in the dirt. From plant markers to painted containers — let the conversations begin!

Edible garden combinations

Tomato Container Garden

Roses with mint, tulips with lettuce, marigold with tomatoes… the combination ideas are endless.  Mixing your favorite ornamental flowers with your favorite herbs is a great way to start.  It’s like a long-lasting bouquet! You’ll be able to pick lovely flowers for an arrangement, herbs for your favorite cocktail, and veggies for your dinner all from the same beautiful container garden. Way cool.

Designers all agree: outdoor space is now just as important as indoor décor. It’s time to vamp up your container gardens. With these container garden trends, you’re on your way to a gorgeous, exciting, and useful outdoor space!

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