Nancy Henger: Growth and Greatness | Lemon to Lemonade

Women in their 50s and beyond are showing they are unstoppable and they are shattering age bias.  Almost 12 months ago a comment was made by Don Lemon, a former CNN anchor, that “women over 50 are past their prime”.  A year ago we at Gardenuity wholeheartedly disagreed and over the past year we have been sharing stories of extraordinary women who illustrate perfectly that women over 50 are finding success and changing the world for the better.   

The Gardenuity “Lemon to Lemonade” campaign is all about honoring and lifting up women who inspire, contribute, and prove that their story is not finished.  The women we have been honoring are  proof positive that women over 50 have entered a new phase of power and growth.

We have received nominations from across the country, and we review every single amazing story after amazing story. Each story is inspiring and we celebrate those women who are sharing with Gardenuity their story, their why, and their success.  Each winner is a reminder to all of us that there’s no rush – each experience becomes part of your personal foundation.

This week we are excited to share the story of Nancy Henger, the founder and CEO of Brilliant Fulfillment. Brilliant Fulfillment is a woman-owned third-party logistics warehouse that came to fruition out of the desire to aid in growth opportunities for small businesses. Nancy was nominated by several people and her story is inspiring and once we are honored to share. 

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Nancy would describe herself as tenacious, loving, and loyal. These three qualities together have been instrumental to her career success. Her tenacity has given her the value of never taking no for an answer and persevering through challenges. Her lovingness is shown to her clients, her employees, and, most importantly, herself. Finally, she is loyal to the people that surround her, she continuously does everything she can to help others. 

If you could champion one cause, what would it be?

Small businesses have been Henger’s number one cause to champion for as long as she can remember. In addition to her business, Brilliant Fulfillment, she champions small businesses through her everyday life, including with what she purchases, the way that she works, and the valuable business perspective she possesses so that she can provide people help with their business.

What lessons have you learned that you would like to pass on to your children?

Nancy has learned lots of lessons throughout her life. The first lesson that she believes is the most important thing that you can do, is to be authentic and sincere. Being authentic moves one forward into always being truthful. Launching from truthfulness and authenticity creates the skill of having hard conversations. Having hard conversations is very important, and the sooner one can learn to have hard conversations, the better off one is going to be. 

Authenticity, truthfulness, and communication are the core three values and lessons that Nancy urges upon. But she also spoke of the ability to always do the right thing. She explains that “you can feel in your gut what is right and wrong. You have to do right by yourself, your employees, and your clients.”

What are your greatest over fifty accomplishments?

Nancy’s most proud accomplishments from being an amazing over-fifty woman are her business, Brilliant Fulfillment, as well as her autonomy in finances that have allowed her to buy herself a house, a car, and, of course, a swimming pool to beat the Texas heat. 

What do you love most about being over 50?

Being over fifty does not mean that one has reached a peak. Nancy says that she continuously is learning and growing, changing for the better every day. But, being fifty does come with some wisdom, so she loves that she is able to mentor others and instill valuable lessons early rather than later