Meet The Mini: The Small Container Garden Sized for Your Kids

Small container garden next to a large

The Mini is a new version of the Gardenuity favorite MoGrow, and it’s perfect for little hands and little spaces. The Mini was designed so that everyone can experience the “I grew that” moment in a personal and easy way.

Child with small container garden

It’s perfect for children and those who don’t have any outdoor space available — all you need is a sunny spot next to a window in your home. Just like its big sister, The Mini includes everything you need to get growing.

The Inspiration

The Mini is incredibly useful. Plus, it’s just downright cute, so naturally, we are thrilled to share it with others. The inspiration for the mini comes from the 2019 small space gardening trend. Lack of space and time combined with the desire to introduce young ones to an easy garden activity encouraged the Gardenuity team to create the smart, horticulturally savvy-yet-fun garden we call “The Mini”.

I call The Mini ‘the little garden that could,’ because it holds so many possibilities!

Donna Letier

The ultimate goal of The Mini is to give customers exactly what they want, but in a smaller format — perfectly sized for little hands and little spaces. We’ve created a joyful user experience for both parents and kids that’s quite similar to that of the full-sized Gardenuity garden.

“We love how simple and structured The Mini is! The kit is incredibly well thought through,” says Donna Letier, Co-founder of Gardenuity. “Every detail has been finely customized by our grower and horticulturists to create the best small container garden ever.”

“I call The Mini ‘the little garden that could,’ because it holds so many possibilities: from recipe creation and imagination to the thing that triggers a child’s love of growing great things.”

What it Includes

small container garden with packaging

The Mini kit includes everything you need to set up two small container gardens: the Italian Garden and the Tea Garden. The Italian Garden is perfect for accessorizing pizzas and the Tea Garden livens up afternoon lemonade. Plus, the Mini comes with recipe inspiration and growing tips from Gardenuity’s Grow Pro partner team, making the experience of growing personal.

Measuring 4 by 4 inches, the Mini comes with custom foundation (compost), coir (soil), 2 mini grow bags, 6 small herb plants, and customized plant nutrients. It also comes with fun recipes, growing tips, interesting agricultural news, farmer introductions, and a Grow Pro Partner who supports your growing experience along the way. It’s specially designed to balance the science of agriculture and the fun of technology with the experience of gardening.

mini plants taken in a mini cooper

The six mini herb plants that are part of the Mini may seem little, but they are strong and healthy. They each got their start from a family-owned farm in Texas. The farm partner carefully tends to each plant prior to shipping directly to each new customer. As soon as you plant them, these plants will catch on and grow beautifully.


  • Mini Grow Bag, reusable growing container
  • Coir Planting Media
  • Compost
  • Plant Nutrients
  • Grow Pro Support
  • 6 Mini Herb Plants
  • Ready to harvest in 3+ weeks
  • Needs 4-6 hours of full sun a day

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