Meet Ellie – An Interview With Ellie Lemak

Ellie Lemak

Meet Ellie!

Ellie is the resident Graphic Designer at Gardenuity. She creates all of the graphics that are needed for print and web-related. If you receive the Gardenuity Newsletter, have ever browsed through the Gardenuity website, or received a Grow Pro notification, Ellie has been behind it in some form. 

Ellie has been working at Gardenuity for almost five years! She began as a freelance designer, but was so taken with the community, culture, and ideas of Gardenuity that she knew she wanted to play a larger role in the growth of the business. 

I sat down with her to ask her some questions about her favorite things, wellness practices, and any fun facts. Check it out. 

  1. Favorite wellness practice / self-care routine?

Ellie is a huge pilates fanatic. She works out almost every day, sometimes streaming workout videos from instructors like Melissa Wood or Ashley Eckhoff, sometimes going on a morning stroll, and the rest of the time going to a pilates studio near her house. 

In addition to working out, Ellie is a big believer in starting her day and digestive system off right with some warm lemon water, complete with fresh mint and herbs from her garden. She prepares this elixir every morning before eating breakfast to wake her up and allow her to start the morning off slow. While Ellie is sipping on her delicious herby, lemon water, she takes a moment to reflect by writing in her Gratitude Journal. 

  1. Fav Garden and Why?

The Cocktail Garden! Ellie has given many cocktail gardens out as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Her recipients love them because it makes making a cocktail so much more exciting and interactive. Fresh herbs elevate the creations and add a vibrancy you cannot get anywhere else.

  1. Favorite thing about working at Gardenuity? 

Ellie loves Gardenity because the company is very family and community oriented. All of the executives of the company do an amazing job at making sure everyone is included, has autonomy to speak up, and freedom to share ideas. The culture is very in tune with employee wellness practices and encouraging work life balance. 

Finally, a Fun Fact Speed Round…

  • First thing that pops into your mind? Engaged. Getting married in December in Bahamas
  • Do you have a pet? An adorable French Bulldog named Juliet
  • Any nicknames? Smoothie Queen
  • Favorite Cocktail? Ranch Water or Margarita
  • Favorite plant? Mint! Great for digestion and can be an excellent addition to a smoothie.
  • School? So many! Parsons School of Design in NYC, University of Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University, and Art Institute of Denver.