Super Bowl Interview with Sharron Hunt | Gardenuity.

Sharron Hunt has been a part of Gardenuity from the very beginning and with the big win this weekend we thought it would be great to reshare her story.

Sharron Hunt, Co-Owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, mom, community activist and gardener. When it comes to football, getting a little dirty, and cultivating a life of learning, Sharron Hunt is a prime example of getting it right. 

Football has been a beloved American pastime, sport, and bonding activity for decades. Take a look at our interview with Sharron Hunt, to hear about her unique experience living in the world of football, as well as with perseverance, inspiration, faith, and being a late bloomer to the joy of gardening.

Who is Sharron Hunt?

Ever since she was a little girl, growing up in the 1960s, football and sports have always been a steadfast part of Sharron Hunt’s life. Her father, Lamar Hunt, was the previous owner of the Kansas City Chiefs while she was growing up, and he made sure to keep her around the team during practices, meetings, and of course, on game day!

Sharron Hunt - The Super Bowl

Sharron’s strong presence in the football community began when she was about seven years old, one day when she was playing with her “super ball” her dad, Lamar was inspired to coin the name “Super Bowl.” – take a peek at this article by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to learn more about the history of the Super Bowl.

Now, since about 2006, Sharron has remained a steadfast supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs as co-owner with her brothers by taking over her father’s position in owning the team. Being involved in football in this way is more than just a job; you need to have passion, perspective, and appreciation for what happens on the field, and challenge how your team can do great things off of the field, as well.

Interview with Sharron Hunt

Q: What is it like growing up in the public eye?

A: “It was sort of a different time then. There was no internet, there was none of this mass media, instant information. I was very blessed to be part of something that my dad created, and that brought a lot of attention to a sport that was growing in the US at that time. We grew up in a simpler time, things were easier, my family was always low key – there wasn’t a lot of posturing or self-aggrandizement seeking.”

Q: Can you take us back to one of your earliest football memories?

A: “One of my earliest memories – my father would take me to the football facility of the Dallas Texans on North Central Expressway. He would take me to practice sometimes, and he would take me to team meetings; I have memories of being around it all. Obviously, we went to many many games, too. One really interesting memory that I have that’s so crystal clear – this points the market difference between now and then – is when the Chiefs had won the American Football League Championship against Buffalo Bills. We flew back to Kansas City on the team plane, and when the jet landed, fans just poured out of the airport and surrounded the airplane. My dad was carrying me down the steps by the rear exit, and down through this crowd that was so excited for their team. Honestly, it was a great atmosphere of positivity – that whole experience of growing up with a father who had the interests that he did. Positivity, sportsmanship, good attitudes, and competition.”

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Sharron Hunt

Q: What are some lessons that you’ve learned from football?

A: “There’s always tomorrow. There’s always another game; whether you win or lose, there’s always another game. One of the best quotes that my dad would say often, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” That is something that has stuck with me. When it comes to winning and being victorious, you have to remember that success can be measured in so many different ways. It’s measured in what you give of yourself in any endeavor – ask yourself, are you giving 100% of yourself always?”

“When it comes to winning and being victorious, you have to remember that success can be measured in so many different ways.”

Sharron Hunt

Q: What has your experience been as a woman in a prominent position in sports?

A: “As a woman, I grew up in the 60s, and there were not a lot of opportunities to get into coaching. I think this year at the Super Bowl, the Chiefs have 5-6 women on the staff between coaching and trainers. Those opportunities never existed when I was younger. As someone who grew up when those opportunities for women didn’t exist, I have a different experience of football than my brothers who played football have. The closest I got was throwing the football – and I can throw a mean, tight spiral, I’ll tell you that much! My perspective is very much so as a fan, and a person who probably bleeds gold and red. I’ve seen sports teams really change over the years; they’re not just a seasonal business, they’ve become year-round businesses – I’m proud to say that we have great philanthropic outreach for the Chiefs. The interest and media coverage is much more year-round; there are more events on the calendar that keep people’s interests.”

Q: What’s your favorite way to enjoy gameday?

A: “If I’m not at the game, I obviously love to watch it! I love putting on my favorite Chiefs swag, and really focusing. I like to watch the replay to really understand it, and feel the excitement of the plays all over again. I’ll usually make some finger food, something quick – a taco bar before or afterwards, or some buttery popcorn. Because I raised 4 children, there were a lot of Sunday’s that it was just hard to get to games. Especially because every game is a road game for us, it’s not like we live in the town where the team is. It’s an interesting concept. At the end of the day, it’s just so fun to have something to cheer for.”

“It was so settling and soothing and satisfying to smell the soil and have my fingers get all dirty and watch the stems grow.”

Sharron Hunt

Q: What things do you do to bring yourself happiness and peace of mind?

A: “I love to swim and exercise – it could be yoga, stretching, meditation. I’d like to learn more about those things, too. I really enjoy just getting out into nature. One of my very earliest memories of my father was when we were out in the yard, we had these squares of sod – I was probably 2-3 years old, and he often had us pulling weeds. He’d always have you pulling weeds; doing some kind of yard work. Honestly, I find yard work so relaxing now. I have some raised veggie gardens in the yard, I’ve planted my leeks and onions. It was so settling and soothing and satisfying to smell the soil and have my fingers get all dirty and watch the stems grow. Centering myself in nature is important to me. I also read a lot, just to take a trip into a book. I might do some drawing, I like playing with color, experimenting with geometric shapes.”

“There’s something gratifying about doing small tasks on your own – it’s grounding and centering, and it puts you in touch with the space around you, your home. Every day, I go out and check my Gardenuity bag to see what’s growing; to see what I can do to keep things clear for my plants. Every day, taking a moment to look at what I’ve grown – it’s so much fun.”

Sharron Hunt

Q: Where do you find your daily inspiration?

A: “My relationship with God, which is ongoing. Whether that involves an online church service, or I used to be in church choir when I could. I also draw inspiration from a large amount of internal curiosity of my own – satisfying my internal curiosity is super inspiring to me. The pursuit of knowledge is big for me. I’m bilingual; I try to consistently expose myself to Spanish, whether it’s a podcast or a book. In anything I do, I’m inspired by the gift that God has given me in raising four children. It’s a stewardship role that’s never-ending! I also always ask myself, ‘how do I use my gifts to the best of my ability to help make the world a better place every day, even if just in a tiny way?’”