Welcome Lana Constantine

Lana Constantine

Gardenuity is growing–and not just in the garden. 

The company’s mission has always been to make gardening experiences accessible to everyone, because the wellness benefits of growing and getting a little dirty are extraordinary. As Gardenuity has grown and touched new communities, the heart of its work has remained unchanged. 

To help streamline workflow and manage the company’s explosive growth, Lana Constantine has joined the Gardenuity leadership team. A veteran of the banking world, Lana brings a wealth of experience in finance and logistics. Her work has helped revolutionize processes and streamline department operations globally.

“I like to find simple fixes that no one else has thought about,” Lana said. “All of the sudden, you’ve made everyone’s lives easier.”

Her career history is a testament to this idea. During her tenure as an associate at J.P. Morgan, Lana created a global matrix that standardized product pricing and introduced structured products into managed accounts. As a director at Citi, she was the global lead for spearheading a straight-through process for structured products, starting with client requests all the way through issuance. 

“The best piece of advice my boss at J.P Morgan gave me was that although I knew what I was doing, I needed to know what everyone down the pipeline was doing,” she said. “I spent a lot of time traveling and meeting with the people helping me get product out. I learned where there were inefficiencies. I thought we could do more, so I fixed the processes down the line. We could go from 4 to 100 deals per month using the same team.”

Her hiring comes at an inflection point for Gardenuity, which, since its launch, has already transformed urban corporate wellness cultures and urban gardening. As the company looks towards the future, Lana’s skillset is vital to continuing and expanding its impact.

Lana Constantine & Donna Letier

“As we continue to grow and think about what the future of gardening and wellness looks like, the logistics and technology powering our growth plays a central part in creating efficiencies and providing our partners and customers with the best experience possible,” Gardenuity CEO and co-founder Donna Letier said. “Lana brings the experience, leadership, passion, and energy to help us make the vision a reality.”

Lana agrees: “We are going to streamline processes…Gardenuity is growing quickly and we are ready for the growth.”

This position marks her first time working at a start-up. However, Lana believes her outlook and work style are well suited for the fast-paced company climate. 

“I always brought an entrepreneurial spirit to my work,” she said. “I always ask how and why are we doing things? Is there a better way? I like being part of a team where the culture is open to change.”

Working with a tangible product, especially one that is so hands-on, has been a surprising but welcome element of her new position. 

“I’ve only ever worked with numbers on a computer,” Lana said. “It’s exciting to dig my hands into something. Whenever I’m stressed out, I go to the warehouse side and plant something, which is fun.”

Lana relishes the opportunity to work at a company that shares her personal wellness values, especially at a moment when they feel relevant. As the conversation around the return to offices continues to unfold, the work she is doing feels particularly important.

“People are viewing work-life balance and the mental health of their staff and families more clearly,” she said. “We are getting to be one of the tools companies use for health and wellness. It’s exciting to be in a space where I can [connect with] so many people.”

Lana Constantine - Gardenuity

Outside of work, Lana is a mother of two who loves cooking, tennis, and international travel. She is a “long-time gardening dabbler” who once successfully taught herself how to breed hydrangeas (“they are now five feet tall”) and incorporates home-grown plants into her kitchen. She is now a convert to Gardenuity products.

Growing For Good

“I use fresh herbs in my cooking and my cocktails,” Lana said. “That’s something that Gardenuity is giving me—and everyone else. It’s very relaxing to go outside, take care of your plants, and help them grow.”

However, fresh herbs and vegetables are not the only benefits that Lana sees in Gardenuity.

“[Gardenuity takes] the unknowns out of gardening,” she said. “You make people feel successful in their day to day life. It’s one more thing that they can feel good about doing.”