Labor Day Letter From Donna Letier – CEO of Gardenuity

This year, thinking about Labor Day, I can’t help but think about the laborers behind every entrepreneur, every new idea, and every new business that has grown not just because it was a great idea but because of the team that labored making it a reality.

Labor Day is our yearly tribute to the American workers who have contributed to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. The holiday that conjures up visions of barbeques with family members, end of summer weekend getaways, and back-to-school shopping trips was first celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882. It was created by the Central Labor Union of New York, and its purpose was to honor the American worker and create a day off for working citizens. In 1884, Labor Day was declared a federal holiday. Congress moved it to the first Monday in September.

Labor Day is unique as a holiday because it does not focus on the achievements of any one person, one religion, or race. What it does recognize is the contributions and economic achievements of the American workers. So often today, leaders get recognized for bringing new inventions, ideas, and concepts to life- but true thanks should go to the laborers who work alongside these dreamers/entrepreneurs. It is these teams I find myself thinking about this year. The laborers behind the curtain, behind those in the spotlight, are the ones we should honor today. 

Ideas + Perseverance + Money + Time + Hustle + Resilience are what bring new businesses to life. 

Great businesses are built by great teams- teams of workers who should be celebrated. The entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart, it is not for those who are looking for instant gratification, it is not for those who are afraid to fail, and it is certainly not for loners. The entrepreneurial team is never complacent, lazy, or excuse-makers, they are people willing to labor hard and long to win. They are people who never stop believing it is possible, and they are people who often labor without applause.

As any smart entrepreneur will tell you, there’s little downtime. There are the well-documented stories of new businesses coming to life, whiteboard sessions way into the night, empty Tiff’s Treats boxes stacked up on the conference table, long days when the only time you get up from your desk is to get a new post-it note pad. Once the idea gets traction and grows, the entrepreneurs get attention and are often heralded as great leaders. But the true applause should be directed to the laborers behind each idea, those people who are laboring through all the messy details, the things that are not showcased in the movies. Yet these are the people who I find myself thanking and thinking about this Labor Day weekend. 

Oftentimes, we look to those in the public eye to teach us, inspire us, and remind us that anything is possible, but it’s often our teams who are our greatest teachers. They offer us the opportunity to be good at what we do. That’s where I find myself, on this Labor Day week: learning, appreciating, and applauding those who help bring entrepreneurs’ ideas to life.

So, to all those teams behind every entrepreneurial spirit, I say thank you. As I watch the sunrise, standing outside watering my gardens, I count my blessings and think about the team that is laboring to grow Gardenuity. They are smart, passionate, persistent, stubborn, and fully engaged. They make every idea come to life. They are the stars of the story. Without their work, we would still be an idea waiting to bloom. 

I hope this Labor Day weekend you take the time to rest from labor and think about the people around you who make your life easier. Thank them because, without these extraordinary laborers, we would not be where we are today. 

Growing with gratitude,