Introducing The Cheers Garden!

Cheers to the newest Gardenuity Garden.

The Cheers garden was created in partnership with mixologists, world renowned spirits, seasonal cocktails, best friends, colleagues, and our customers- this garden elevates celebrations and those we celebrate. 

Why did we add this garden to the lineup?

Well, let’s dive into some history, shall we? The word “Cheers” originates from the old French word “chiere” meaning “face”. By the 18th century, it took on the meaning of “gladness,” and was utilized as a way to express encouragement. Today, “Cheers” is a symbolic way of toasting others with the wish of good cheer and good health to those around you. Therefore, when someone says cheers, they’re saying how happy and content they are in the moment. 

At Gardenuity, it is our mission to make gardening accessible to everyone. That is something to celebrate. So, we are thrilled to introduce The Cheers Garden, because every celebration is better with a harvest of fresh herbs. Each season brings moments, people, and traditions to celebrate. The Cheers Garden will quickly become your favorite accessory for cocktails and mocktails. 

Whether it’s basil, lemon verbena, or rosemary from your Cheers Garden, you will open up a new opportunity for flavors and enhancements to your favorite beverage. The herbs in The Cheers Garden will be an excellent pair with your favorite Scotts, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, or Champagne. Some rosemary in your Margarita? Parsley for your Bloody Mary? Basil for your Gin? Cheers to that. 

This garden kit is a fresh take on the classic Cocktail Garden. Just like The Cocktail Garden, The Cheers Garden will always include four or five seasonal herbs. 

The Cheers garden consists of a three-gallon grow bag embroidered with the words “Cheers Garden”, Gardenuity’s custom compost, four to five seasonal and rooted herbs, coconut husk coir, soil primer, micronutrients, and thirty and sixty-day feedings. 

To Celebrate the introduction of the Cheers Garden a Free Gift With Purchase.

Every celebration loves a party favor and for the launch of the Cheers Garden we are adding a full size Cocktail Garden Salt to every Cheers Garden purchase through September 11, 2022.

Picture This

It’s Friday evening. Your best friends are coming over to watch the newest episode of The Bachelor or the big game. You’re feeling extra creative, so you turn to your trusty Cheers Garden – full of fresh, seasonal, healthy herbs. The garden is grown by you and inspired by mixologists around the world who share your affinity for fun, flavor, and good things. 

With its assortment of herbs in a small, mobile grow bag, you know all of your guests will be inspired by the flavor options at hand. Your “I grew that” bragging rights and every beverage you serve will leave your guests wondering where you learned to make the perfect drink. 

Cheers Garden Banner