How to Start an Herb Garden | Set Up & Grow Pro Tips

If you just got your herb garden and are wondering

Starting a Herb Garden takes a different approach compared to starting a vegetable garden and with the right help can be easy to grow.

In this article we discuss how to start an herb garden, detailing set up & tips from our Grow Pro Team.

Here are a few basic gardening principles that will help lead you to a successful season.

Setting up your garden.

Try and have your garden planted as quickly as possible. Your plants have been traveling and are ready to get settled into their forever home. If life happens and you can’t get your plants placed for a few days, we recommend taking them out of their travel box and placing them in a sunny spot with a little drink of water.

Grow Pro Tip: When you are building your garden, remember to assemble it outside. Your grow bags will drain when you are hydrating the coir and watering your plants.

Gardenuity herb gardens

Location Matters.

One of the most important decisions you will make for your garden is where to place it. Your Cocktail Herb Garden needs at least 3 hours of direct full sun per day to thrive. Luckily, your garden is mobile. Find a spot outside with the best sun exposure, preferably with direct sun in the morning. Winter has the least amount of hours of sun, so find a spot that gets the best sun possible so your plants will have the energy to grow strong. 

Plant with Purpose.

Be intentional with your herb plant placement and make sure they all have exposure to sun even when they are fully grown. The garden soil surface and plant root top should be level – planting herbs too shallow, too deep or bending the roots can hurt your plant. 

Hydration Matters.

One of the most important tasks you have as a new plant parent is to routinely water your garden. We think it is easiest to build the habit of checking on your garden every other morning until you get a feel for how often your garden needs to be watered. Always take advantage of rainwater, and let nature help ease your workload by delivering the best water around. Remember watering frequency needs to increase when temperatures are hot and decrease when temps are cold. For more information, here is a link to an easy how-to watering guide.

Home is Everything.

You are providing the best home for your plants. Your kit has been customized based on the needs of your plants. You are growing with high-quality garden materials to create a frustration-free experience. 

Celebrate the “I Grew That” moments and remember to have fun.

There are very few things in life that are equally easy and rewarding. You can be an imperfect plant parent and still have a successful garden. We know life can get in the way, so if you forget to prune or water your garden for a few days don’t stress; plants are resilient, and your Grow Pro team has lots of tips on how to get your garden growing & thriving again.

Growing herbs can provide fresh flavor to any meal or cocktail. If you want some ideas on different herbal recipes; be sure to give our Garden-Inspired Recipes & Garden-Inspired Cocktails a look.

Last, but not least, send us a quick picture of you with your planted garden or post it and tag us on Instagram #Igrewthat.

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