30 Day Garden Feeding Tips | Grow Pro Tips

Gardenuity Nutrient Mist
30 Day Nutrient Mist

It’s time to give your herb garden a little extra nourishment by applying the nutrient packet we delivered with your plants. Our nutrition plan is customized for your garden by our plant nutritionist to provide the vital macronutrients and micronutrients to keep your garden thriving.

Plants eat through their roots.

For your plants to grow healthy and strong, they require a consistent source of essential organic matter and minerals in the soil. As plants grow, their roots extract the essential nutrients they need, depleting the soil of these essential nutrients.

Using the right plant food delivery method.

Using too much or too strong a fertilizer can result in a poor flavor, even if the plants produce added foliage, or even lead to root burn and shock.

This is why Gardenuity has made sure to provide the correct formula to keep your garden nourished and thriving. Using a liquid leaf spray application ensures your herbs are given the gentlest, easiest, and most direct nutrient absorption technique for the whole plant.

Your first 30-day fertilizer will ensure your plants are well-fed until the next feeding around 60 days. 

How to apply your garden food.

Nutrient Mist Spray

For best foliar absorption, feed your plants early in the morning or late in the evening. After mixing the liquid fertilizer with water in a spray bottle, thoroughly spray the leaves of all your herbs until dripping, then pour the remaining mixture around the base of each plant.