Happy Earth Day 2023 | A Letter From Donna Letier CEO of Gardenuity

Earth Day – April 22. A day for all of us to stop, go outside, and ponder the beauty around us. It is also a day to say “Thank You“.

Earth Day is not just a day- it’s a movement. Not just for the planet, but for our own well-being. Remember when we played outside until dark and our parents had to drag us inside, just so we could get some sleep and be ready for another day of play. Remember the first time you saw a flower that took your breath away? Or the first time you picked a warmed-from-the-sun tomato right off the vine? These are gifts from nature and with gifts, it is always appropriate to say thank you.

There is a ripple effect of saying thank you. Research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that when people expressed gratitude, they noticed an increased willingness to offer assistance. So it only makes sense that if we get into the habit of stepping outside and actually saying thank you to the planet it will grow our appreciation for the planet and grow our awareness of its needs.

In lieu of actually sending a thank you note to Mother Earth here is a list of simple gestures, that along with an out loud “thank you” every morning will beautifully suffice.

  • Turn a Thank you into action- plant a garden and gift a garden
  • When you eat out, let your waiter know you don’t need a straw
  • When you are on a walk pick up any trash you see along the way
  • Plant a tree
  • Take care of your own well-being
  • Invest in your own self-care, because when you are healthy you can help keep the planet healthy
  • Pick one day a week to go meatless

Happy Earth Day!