Seasonal Gardening, Matching Plants to Seasons keeps Container Gardens Growing

All plants have seasons in which they thrive, and Gardenuity works to keep gardens growing by matching plant collections to the season, current weather, and location. With every Container Garden Kit we match your plants to you your garden, the season, and temperatures.

Gardenuity Farm Grown Plants

Our Match Program ensures that no matter where you are, when you decide to get growing, you will be receiving a plant collection that is matched to you.

In our Container Garden Kits, we take this into account by having a selection of rotating plants available that match the theme of each garden!

For example, our Taco Toppings Garden has year-round plant collections. Gardenuity Match automatically matches seasonal taco topping plant collections to the season. For example, in cooler temperatures, your Taco Garden matches to leafy greens. In the spring, our farm partners include a selection of tomatoes, and in the summer, the Taco Garden matches to assorted pepper collections.

What is the Gardenuity Match Program?

At Gardenuity, we start by customizing your garden for you. Our proprietary algorithm immediately matches you to what will grow best based on the temperature, timing, farm partner availability and several other attributes that are important for a successful harvest.

It’s wonderfully simple, and destined to provide you with a thriving garden season to season.

Gardenuity Container Gardens

Gardenuity Match works in tandem with the help of our plant experts, horticulturists, and plant scientists. We take into account what you’ve chosen to grow, the time of year, and your location.

Then, we put together a customized garden kit just for you. Each of our kits includes customized seeds or live plants, a microfiber grow bag container, and the soil and nutrients your plant needs — all hyper-personalized to you and your growing success. 

To learn more about our Gardenuity Match Program, take a look at this article!

Garden kits are Matched to Plant Collections, Seasons and Location

Gardenuity Super Hero Garden Kit

Growing Seasonal Gardens

We’ve made it impossible for you to make excuses any longer! If you want to get started with gardening, the perfect time is right now – and don’t worry, we will be there with you every step of the way with our handy Grow Pro services.

Shop our Garden Kits (or give them as the perfect gift!), and get to growing good today. 

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