Introducing The Growing For Good Garden Kit with Veggie Seed Strips + Herbs

Our Growing For Good Garden Kit brings together the joy of watching veggies sprout from seeds with the instant gratification of planting fully-rooted herbs. We’ve taken the guesswork out of planting veggie seeds and spacing them for optimal germination. Planting herbs with vegetables allows you to save space, maximize your garden’s productivity, and enhance the flavor + health benefits of your homegrown produce. Just add sunshine, water, and a little love, and you’ll be saying “I grew that” in no time.

The joy of growing something from seed.

As the season for growing your own fresh flavors approaches, Gardenuity is introducing a new garden that brings together vegetable Seed Strips with fully rooted seasonal herbs all grown in the iconic Gardenuity grow bag.

Designed with all the detail and ease growing with Gardenuity is known for, the new Growing For Good Garden features cool-weather vegetable seed tapes combined with four seasonal herb plants.

The new garden invites you to experience the joy of watching seeds sprout with the instant gratification that comes with planting fully rooted herb plants. Similar to other Gardenuity gardens, the Growing For Good features customized soil, and nutrients all perfectly aligned with the signature grow bag embroidered with Growing for Good. Underlining our “Growing for Good” manifesto, Gardenuity is excited to offer another way to easily enjoy growing your own patio garden.

The Growing For Good garden lets you choose from a selection of cool-weather seasonal veggies:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Radish
  • Arugula
  • Leafy Greens

Why we are excited to introduce seed strips?

Seed strips are a simple way to get your garden started with ease. The seeds are spaced out perfectly in biodegradable horticultural tape so there is no need for sprout thinning throughout the growing season. 

Seed tape is a gardening aid that is designed to make sowing seeds easier and more efficient. It is a strip of biodegradable paper that is pre-seeded with evenly spaced seeds, allowing for precise spacing and reducing the need for thinning out seedlings. The paper is usually coated with a non-toxic adhesive that holds the seeds in place until they are planted in the soil.

Using seed tape is simple and straightforward. The gardener simply unrolls the tape in the desired location, covers it with a thin layer of soil, and waters it regularly. The paper will eventually decompose, leaving behind the seeds to germinate and grow.

Bringing together seed strips and fully rooted herbs is a winning combination. You get the instant gratification of being able to harvest the herbs in 7-10 days after planting and the joy of watching the seeds germinate and grow to harvest. Our horticultural team selected vegetable seeds that will bring your cool-weather crop to harvest with ease.

We are excited to introduce this new garden and look forward to hearing how you enjoy your harvests.