What to Grow in Fall | 3 Iconic Fall Crops with Growing Tips

A fall garden produces some of the best harvests from some of our favorite crops. So what can you grow in fall?

Here are our 3 favorite iconic fall garden crops, with a few growing tips for each.

collard greens fall garden


Beets are the sugary sweet roots that taste so dang delicious roasted, in salads, and more. They’re super fast growers and offer tons of health benefits — particularly your heart, eye, and lung health. Plus, they’re often the secret ingredient in your favorite healthy dessert!


Beets love the cool weather, so make sure it feels like fall before you begin growing. When you do, roll your MoGrow into partial shade and be careful not to water too much. They’ll be ready to harvest in 7-8 weeks (and don’t forget to eat the greens — thye’re equally delicious!)


Nothing will redouble your health efforts like fresh kale from the garden. Known as the ultimate superfood, kale has a rich flavor and an exciting texture. It works great as a salad base, blended in smoothies, or (our personal favorite) as kale chips.


Kale loves full sun, so be sure to plant somewhere sunny. When the leaves are about the size of your hand, your kale is ready to harvest. You can also harvest kale all the way until the ground freezes. So get sowing your kale ASAP. If you’re lucky and take care of the soil, you might even get leaves throughout the winter.

gardenuity fall garden


With fall, it’s time to toss the cold meals and get cooking…and once you’re cooking, you might as well get as much flavor from your efforts as possible. A fall patio garden full of fresh herbs is the perfect choice for all your culinary efforts (no matter how advanced they are). From a simple cocktail garnish to elaborate recipes, an herb garden is a fabulous treat. Besides, herbs aren’t just for cooking


Herbs are extremely low-stress to grow. Just be sure to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. You can harvest as soon as leaves are big enough — and you’ll be able to harvest for quite a while. As you grow, don’t forget to enjoy the divine and healing aroma of your garden.

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