Gardenuity Takes Gardening Events Online

Gardenuity Online Event Set

Gardenuity events are growing – online.

“Gardenuity events are known for being fun, interactive, and a great gardening experience.”

Doug Platts, COO Gardenuity

We love seeing people login across the country and experience Gardenuity at home. It gives us a chance to be part of their growing experience and we continue to bring together a community of the best chefs, mixologists, health experts, and gardeners to inspire the sense of fun and wonder that comes with every garden.

Our events are helping companies evolve their culture and keep their employees engaged during this time that teams are spread out.

Gardenuity Online Event

The 3 Event Categories

Each event has a different focus. The focus lies in one of the 3 categories below.


Cut To Cocktail Gardenuity Online Event

If creative cocktail ideas and unique ways to liven up your happy hour speak to your soul, then you’ll definitely love the cut-to-cocktail series.

Each event shows guests how to make creative cocktails and help you tap into your creative side. These virtual happy hours are a celebration for anyone over 21.


Gardenuity Online Event Patio to Plate

Looking for some added inspiration in the kitchen? Patio-to-Plate is the place to come and be inspired.

Each event brings:

  • recipe ideas
  • entertaining tips
  • celebrated chefs
  • authors
  • & of course, gardening fun together

The guests talk you through how they are making each dish and why they are using certain ingredients.

Growing Greatness .

Growing Greatness events are always fun and engaging.

While you may pause at the thought of participating in online gardening events, think again because the Growing Greatness events let participants get a little dirty together.

The Growing Greatness Private events are garden workshops that have everyone gardening and keeping the company culture rooted.

Before the event, each person gets a garden kit with everything they need to plant a full container garden of seasonal herbs or vegetables.  These events create unique shared memories, great vibes, and strong virtual engagement.

Open Growing Greatness events bring together thought leaders who educate and inspire with each presentation. Topics include entertaining, growing great kids, the environment, wellness and why finding time to take care of yourself is always a good idea.

Gardenuity Online Live Event

Each event, which can run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, which is always recorded and easily shared.

When it comes to planting, you don’t have to have a garden to enjoy the experience but will leave you wanting a small garden of your own. 

While gardening workshops can go into great detail, they all start at a beginner level, making them great for anyone with a casual interest in gardening, garden-inspired mixology and cooking with a fresh harvest.

Donna Letier CEO of Gardenuity Hosting an Online Event

Few of us will be full time farmers, but all of us can  grow our appreciation for gardens and fresh harvests. The practical information shared can be immediately applied in your daily life.

The events offer gardening techniques, how-to advice, and garden-inspired living philosophies that can easily be incorporated into your every day.

Events are always listed online and if you want to find out about setting up an event with Gardenuity you can reach out to