Be The Gift Giving Hero With – The Gardenuity Merry Mint Garden

When we think of the holiday season, we think of sugar, spice, chocolate, and cheer! A big player in the holiday flavors and season that should not be overlooked is mint. We love indulging in peppermint candy canes, mint chocolate confections, and even spiked hot chocolate with a little bit of mint. Spread some holiday cheer this year with Gardenuity’s Merry Mint Garden!

Gardenuity’s holiday gift gardens allow your recipient to experience the excitement of opening a gift on the special day, but gives them the time to decide when they choose to start growing. The gift includes all of the necessary growing materials from a grow bag to coconut core to nutrients, and includes a QR code to scan when the recipient is ready to start their garden and receive their mint from one of Gardenuity’s local farmer partners. 

As mentioned, December is a great month to feature and incorporate mint into recipes, decor, and beverages, so the Merry Mint Garden is a great festive gesture and allows others to experience a gift that keeps on giving.

Mint is easy to grow, easy to love, and will expand wildly by the time Mint Julep season comes into full force. The possibilities for using a thriving mint garden are endless, as this aromatic herb can elevate any recipe. Mint is treasured by the cook, beloved by the gardener, and cherished for its medicinal uses. A fresh mint garden on your patio, porch, or balcony will quickly become your go to garden for adding fresh flavor to your tea, toddy, mint mojito, and pesto. Consider all of your Kentucky Derby needs met with endless mint to enjoy!

By giving the gift of a garden, you are not only giving a beautiful, abundance of herbs, but you are also giving a gift of wellness, peace, and meditation. Gardening is a great activity to share with loved ones or use as a self-care ritual. Oftentimes, gardening can be an intimidating, but sought-after activity, and Gardenuity makes it easy for the gift giver and gift recipient alike, through easy-to-grow, accessible grow bags and tips. 

Be the gift-giving hero season with Gardenuity’s Merry Mint Garden!  

A few interesting nutritional facts about Mint.

Mint is part of the Lamiaceae or the Labiatea family and there are over 600 varieties of mint on the planet.   This aromatic herb contains potassium, iron, phosphorus, Vitamins A & C, along with calcium and magnesium in lesser amounts.  There are many associated health benefits of mint – a few of our favorites include, but are not limited to:

Helps to resolve gastrointestinal problems, has anti-allergic properties, has been proven to improve brain functions, helps to eliminate bad breath and morning sickness and is an aid to reduce anxiety.