Celebrating Foxhole Friends this July 4th – Letter From Donna Letier

Donna Foxhole Friends

It is something to think about- who are those friends who would get into a foxhole with you- no matter what?

On a run this morning, something really struck me – gratitude for those who worked 24/7 making the vaccine available, working to bring a healthy close to the virus that has changed so many lives forever. I am also full of appreciation for those who never wavered from helping others, no matter what over the past year.  Be it delivering meals, helping with homework, planting a garden, or just being present to listen. It has been a time in history where we have really seen sacrifice, hurt, growth, thankfulness, and change.  

This week, I listened again to one of my favorite Ted Talks by the extraordinary Chip Edens, Foxhole Friends where he talks about friendship, true friendship, and how important it is to feel connected.

As we head into the July 4th holiday weekend, the concept of Foxhole Friends is very much on my mind. Who are our Foxhole friends- who are those we can count on to be present no matter what? Who are those amazing humans we see every day that are always helping others – people they don’t even know personally but know they need a helping hand?

Last week our customer service team shared a gift note that was going out in one of our gardens: “Thank you for helping me grow through the last few months- you got dirty with me, and now I am ready again to enjoy the sunshine.”

It makes me think about the challenges we have all faced over the last year- and about what happens next- how can we all be present for those who need us. How can we help each other grow together? Now is the time to be vigilant in listening to the cry for help from those who are struggling to re-enter and re-engage in their new normal. 

Tricks that have always helped us cope under pressure, for many, now seem like yet another mountain to climb. Stress is omnipresent, and sometimes we can feel like we have nothing left in our tank. In a world with billions of people, how can any of us feel alone? Loneliness feels like hopelessness and that is our opportunity to be present and ready to jump into a foxhole with someone in need.

It is something to think about. July 4th is so much more than picnics, fireworks, parades, and pool parties. It is a day we can reflect on those who have made our lives and country what it is today.  Let’s remember them and honor those who are willing to be in the foxhole with us and others who make our country what it is today. The time is now to pause and look around at all the opportunities we have just waiting for us to help others grow.

We all need friends, good friends. We need them every day. On this Fourth, let’s celebrate that.

Grow big- together