Family Bonding Activities | 5 Ways to Connect with the Ones you Love

Whether your family consists of a spouse and children or a group of tightly knit friends, everyone has people they care about — people that act as a family.

Family bonding activities are a way to create deeper relationships with the ones you love. If you’re having trouble connecting with your children or want to deepen the bonds with your friends, these family bonding activities can help you do so.

Here are 5 family bonding activities to connect with the ones you love.

Put Down the Phones.

Technology Ban - Family Spending Time Together

The key to really bonding is to put away your electronics and give people your full attention.

If you’re leading a family, institute a technology ban for an hour or two; if you’re having dinner with friends, put away your phone while they’re over.

This will allow you to fully engage with the people you love — without any distractions.

Start a hobby together.

Many times, our lives are so busy and filled with such different things that its hard to connect. Starting a hobby with the people you love is a great way to begin and maintain a connection.

Whether you decide to take on rock climbing, painting, or gardening, a hobby is a long term way to bond with the people you love. Rather than a one-off event, hobbies reoccur and are surrounded with passion and excitement that evolves.

Growing a garden is a particularly good way to connect with the ones you love. It unites you in a common goal that needs regular maintenance and love.

Growing is especially great for families — gardening is a great way to encourage healthy development in kids!

Have Family Dinner & Cook Together

Family Activities

Family dinners are a wonderful family bonding activity. It’s a time to communicate, laugh, and enjoy. Whether you’re having dinner with your roommates or your partner, try to find a regular and weekly time to have dinner together.

Bonus points if you cook together! Cooking together makes the whole night an experience where you get to reap the fruits of your mutual labors.

Pick a new cuisine to try every week and make it a whole adventure with the people you love. Be sure to let the kids participate in the cooking and the cleaning.

Volunteer Together.

Family Bonding by Volunteering

Nothing brings you closer to people than serving others. Turn your attention outwards together and find a way to volunteer in the community. Find a women’s shelter near you, a children’s hospital, or a soup kitchen.

There’s endless amounts of help needed! Trust us, helping others will help you get closer to the ones you love.

Go Outdoors!

In our book, sunshine, green, and fresh air are the solutions to all problems. Take your family and go outdoors! Everyone will be a little happier (even moody teenagers) and more willing to engage with one another.

Whether you find an outdoor hobby you all love or simply take a walk through the neighborhood, going outside offers peace, stimulation, and all-around good feelings.

Struggling to find something to do outside? Try these outdoor activities geared for kids.

Regardless of how you go about it, connecting with your loved ones will bring you long-lasting joy. So pick a bonding activity and have fun!

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