Earth Day 2020 | Notes on Gratitude & Growing During Covid

Lexi Colan with Her Gardenuity Garden Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020! Celebrate this year with gratitude and growing. Gardenuity intern Lexi Colan speaks to growing in spite of quarantine and gratitude in spite of sadness.

Earth Day always makes me realize that we are all tiny in comparison to the grandeur of the nature around us. Although it may feel that humanity and society are in sad states right now, this Earth Day is a reminder that the world keeps turning, the flowers keep blossoming, and the sun still rises each day. No matter what, our gardens still grow, each sprouting seed reminding us of our own resilience.

So today, if you feel sad, worried, or out of control, remember what you do control: your attitude and your growth. Have an attitude of gratitude! Dig into some soil and grow something beautiful to thank the earth for growing and sustaining us despite external pain and conflict.

To me, the uncertainty of quarantine feels a lot like gardening. You are only in control of planting the seed and caring for it.

It’s not up to you whether there is harsh sun, a stormy day, or if the seed decides to take root. It’s only within our power to plant and to do our best to nurture. More importantly, even though there is much that is outside of our power, it is still worth planting.

We must continue to live, hope, and plant. One day, when life returns to “normal,” we will see our little seeds begin to grow. After all, roots are always growing deeper below the surface — even if you can’t see them.

So, make this Earth Day a day of gratitude and beginnings by growing your own container garden kit!

Happy Earth Day 2020 and we look forward to many more! Share with us on social media how you are celebrating & growing this Earth Day!

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