Stuck on Gifts for Clients, Colleagues, or Bosses? We Have The Solution!

Gardenuity Team Giving Gifts

The holidays are coming up quickly. For some, the holidays mean joy, baking, community, and excitement. For others, the holidays can be stressful, chaotic, and overwhelming. 

A huge part of anxiety that can surround the holidays is that of giving gifts. We all know the feeling. We have lists of different people with different personalities, vibes, and interests. When you throw in the gifts that are necessary for corporate partnerships, employees, bosses, and colleagues, being the hero of gift-giving feels insurmountable. 

Just consider Gardenuity your source to be the Gift Giving Hero, because we have the perfect corporate gifts for any company, colleague, or partner! Plus, we make gifting easy.

Everything you need to know about Gardenuity’s Corporate Gifts are located in this Gift Guide. However, in case you need some extra support, we have rounded up our favorite options to help you become the gift-giving hero!

Gardenuity’s Favorites: 

The Mini:

Smaller than a coffee cup, The Mini is a white ceramic planter, with a matching coaster. The Mini comes planted, with the option of an Air Fern or a Bella Palm. This baby is perfect to give out to colleagues or employees for a splash of greenery on their desks or to take it home to their tables. This is a brand new addition to our gift guide so email and the team will get back to you quickly.

Gardenuity Bamboo Desktop Gift

The Natural:

The Natural is our Bamboo Desktop Classic. Each garden comes with a sustainably sourced bamboo planter and tray, fully rooted plants, customized soil, nutrients, and corresponding nurturing essentials. This is the gift for the boss who needs some calm in their work settings or the corporate partner that you want to impress with a little bit of nurturing nature. 

Gardenuity Indoor & Giftable Gardens

The Outdoor Giftable Garden:

Our patio gardens are the perfect way to grow seasonal herbs and veggie collections with your colleagues & customers. Giftable Gardens ship in 1-3 business days and include a QR Plant Redemption Card so everyone can grow when they are ready. This is the gift that keeps on giving to your wellness, your produce collection, and your physical health. If you are aiming to thank a client for their support and use of your services or products, this is the gift for you. We can personalize the garden grow bags and include co-branded company info in each kit.

Email for more information on turnaround time. Here is a link to learn more about how the Giftable Gardens work.

Outdoor Giftable Gardens

Why the Gift of Gardens? Because it is the gift of growth, the gift of growing good things together.

We think it goes without saying that the values of employee and customer wellness, environmental stability and sustainability, and positive growth opportunities should be at the forefront of ANY company. If you or your company is anything like Apple, Thrive Global, Microsoft, Patagonia, WeWork, or Gardenuity, you understand the vital need for employees to have life-work balance and break away from their desks to ground themselves, to slow down even for a moment, and take part in something meaningful. 

Gardenuity Giftable Garden & Waxed Amaryllis

A gift of a garden to experience reminds every recipient how much you care and how growing together is something you value.

“Our company is focused on sustainability, growth, ESG goals, but nothing is as important as the health and well-being of those we work with everyday. Giving a gift that brings all of our core values together is a win.”

Emma Watts

Gardening gifts say more than the standard Yeti, coffee-mug, or fancy pen. Giving the gift of a garden is the gift that keeps on giving, not only to the recipient, but also to you, as it communicates the message of well-being for customers, clients, and the planet, as well as encourages growth, creativity, and productivity through balance. Need we say more? 

Give the Gift of Giving Back

If you are not feeling the whole “giving physical gifts” vibes this year, we have a solution for you. In an effort to show your appreciation and gratitude on the corporate level, give the gift of giving back. 

To spread the nurturing love of nature, why not gift gardens to your local school, hospital, or retirement home in honor of your client, colleagues, employees, or bosses to spread the good cheer in a unique and special way. 

“We gifted amaryllis bulbs to 250 nurses and it was an amazing feeling for our Company. The letters and notes we received over the next 60 days are posted in our office.” Courtney

Ultimately, we could not be more excited to help you spread the holiday cheer this season and we hope your gifts will encourage calming, creative wellness rituals. 

Happy Gifting! 

Merry Mint Gardenuity Giftable Garden