Waxed Dipped Amaryllis | A Beautiful Gift Idea for 2022

The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Don’t have the best singing voice? Me either. That is why the second best spreader for holiday cheer is holiday florals, bulbs, gardens, and plants! Nothing screams festive like a beautiful holiday Amaryllis. 

What is an Amaryllis you ask? 

Amaryllis are gorgeous, bountiful bulbs that produce flowers that are easy on the eyes and even easier to grow!

Here is the 411 on the Wax Dipped Amaryllis flower:

  • Botanical Name: Amaryllis Belladonna 
  • Height: 12-36 inches (When fully grown…)
  • Flower Size: 4-10 inch diameter (When fully grown…)
  • Flowering Period: 3-6 weeks

These beautiful bulbs make the perfect gift for neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family. Gardenuity offers a variety of wax dipped amaryllis bulbs. White with White Blooms, White with Red Blooms, Red with Red Blooms and Red with White Blooms. Plus, we have a special marble dipped oversized amaryllis bulb that will present gorgeous red blooms.

No soil and no water required. These special bulbs have been harvested and quickly soaked in a propriety nutrition blend and quickly dipped in a special wax that will keep the roots nourished and force the bulbs to bloom when they are exposed to light.

You can place these wax dipped amaryllis bulbs directly on your favorite table, desk or countertop or place them in your favorite container.

Be the gift giving hero!

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