How to Pick the Best Location for a Container Garden

While there are many variables when it comes to beginning your container garden (like food, water, soil, and what plant to choose), one of the trickiest things to set up is the location of your container garden. 

Best Location for a Container Garden

Location is key when it comes to gardening. The location will determine how much sun your plant gets, how much wind your plant experiences, and how difficult it is for you to care for your garden.

Here’s how to pick the best location for your container garden.

Determine How Much Space You Need.

One of the first steps in beginning your container garden is choosing your container and your plant.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to determine how much space you need for your container garden.

Do you need a large space?

A small one?

No more than a window sill? 

There are all types of container gardens and every type needs a different amount of space. What type is yours?

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Look for The Sun.

Once you’ve discovered your options, look out for the sun. Your container garden’s success will be directly correlated with how much or how little sunlight its location gets. Pick a spot and pay attention to it throughout the day. Note particularly how many hours of sunlight said spot gets.
Remember that most vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day to grow successfully — some requiring more, some requiring less.

Find a Water Source.

Every plant needs vast amounts of water.  Although you won’t necessarily need access to a hose to grow successfully, remember that you will need to cart water back and forth to your container garden. Place your container garden in a space where you feel comfortable carrying water to it!

Consider its Access.

No matter what kind of plant you grow, no matter where you grow it, your container garden will need regular check-ins. As such, it’s imperative that you grow in a space where you can easily access your container garden — for maintenance and for pleasure.

No matter what, make sure you pick a spot that makes you happy! Your container gardens are meant to add to your joy, so find a location that suits you and your garden.

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